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Mundell predicts his vote will increase

David Mundell, Conservative Credit: ITV Border

"People across the UK have realised how important a strong economy is.

"I'm anticipating that my vote will be up. But what you have is an SNP tide that's a Scotland wide phenomenon. These are the factors at play.> "David Cameron's visit to Dumfries was a demonstration of his commitment and he has demonstrated he will govern for the whole of the United Kingdom should he be Prime Minister."

– David Mundell, Conservative


Exit poll reaction in Workington

Barbara Cannon, Labour Credit: ITV Border

"The exit polls are disappointing but I prefer to wait for the results."

– Barbara Cannon (Labour), Deputy Leader Allerdale Borough Council.
Tony Markley, Conservative Credit: ITV Border

"I think it is a fantastic achievement if the exit polls are right. It will put us leading and able to secure the economic future of the Uk"

– Tony Markley (Conservative)

Ruth Davidson campaigns in the Scottish Borders

Credit: ITV Border

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives was in the Scottish Borders today, campaigning ahead of Thursday's general election.

With less than a week to go until polling day, Ruth Davidson visited Melrose in the hope of picking up some crucial votes for a tightly contested seat.

Read our full constituency report on the Roxburgh, Berwickshire and Selkirk constituency here.


Prime Minister outlines 'Carlisle principle'

Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit: PA

David Cameron has outlined plans for an annual review of the impact of Scottish Devolution on the rest of the UK.

He announced what he's calling the "Carlisle principle" during a speech in Crewe this morning.

He says the aim is to make sure policies that devolve more power to Scotland, don't have a negative impact on other parts of the UK, in areas like air passenger duty, tax rates, university tuition fees or energy policy:

"I want to set out a new principle - you could call it the Carlisle Principle - that we will make sure that there are no unforeseen detrimental consequences to the rest of the country from Scottish devolution, for either England, Wales or Northern Ireland."

– Prime Minister David Cameron

Osborne visits Carlisle on campaign trail

George Osborne is in Carlisle campaigning today Credit: ITV Border

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is campaigning in Carlisle today, ahead of the general election in just over three weeks.

The city is considered a key marginal seat as the Conservative Party took it at the 2010 election with a majority of just 853 votes.

Before that, it had been represented by Labour for more than 40 years.

At this general election the seat is being contested by:

  • Alfred Okam (Independent)
  • Fiona Mills (UKIP)
  • Helen Davison (Green Party)
  • John Stevenson (Conservative)
  • Lee Sherriff (Labour)
  • Loraine Birchall (Liberal Democrats)

You can read our full Carlisle constituency profile here.

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