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Copeland MP calls for Labour leader to resign in stinging letter

The MP for Copeland Jamie Reed has sent a stinging letter to the under pressure Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calling for his resignation.

Mr. Reed published the following on his Twitter account last night (29th June)

He accused Corbyn of injecting an 'unprecedented poison' into the Labour party, going on to say that the 'Labour party stands for a moral purpose that you do not share.'

Jeremy Corbyn has lost a confidence vote among his MPs by 172 to 40 but is refusing to resign, insisting he still has a "people's mandate" to lead following his landslide victory in the Labour leadership elections last summer.



Copeland recycling suspended after meat and plastic contamination

A Copeland recycling bank Credit: ITV Border

Cardboard collection at Copeland's recycling sites has been suspended after recycling banks were contaminated with meat and plastic.

Copeland Borough Council says it has been forced to halt collection until it can find ways to stop people abusing the service.

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