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Scottish and English border councils to join forces

The Scottish and English border councils have both agreed to join forces in the hope of boosting business and tourism in the area.

Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland and Cumbria and Carlisle City Councils will meet to build new alliances to improve existing business, tourism and transport links.

"It is vital that there is a strong dialogue between the English and Scottish local authorities that neighbour the national border on economic development, transportation, communications and other matters.

"We experience common challenges and opportunities arising from our rurality and relationships with cities that are in close proximity to us.

"This initiative will build on our work with the South of Scotland Alliance together with current and previous cross border joint work.

"I look forward to my Council's participation in this dialogue."

– David Parker, Leader, Scottish Borders Council

£12 million funding agreed for Harraby

The potential creation of a new Pennine Way Primary Schools and community centre has moved another step closer.

Cumbria County Council and Carlisle City Council have signed an agreement on the funding for the new facilities.

The deal between the two councils will see almost £11 million being invested by the county council and a further £1.6 million coming from the city council.

This will allow for the transformation of the current site at the old North Cumbria Technology College site in Harraby.


  1. Kenny Toal

Council tax investigation reveals huge arrears

An investigation by ITV Border has revealed how councils are racking up huge amounts of council tax arrears as more people struggle to pay the bills.

Freedom of information requests to almost every council in the region asking how much outstanding council tax they are chasing highlight the scale of the problem.

The total amount outstanding from the councils who responded to our FOI requests is just over £116 million pounds.

A third of that total is from the last financial year. It comes as organisations who help people with debt have reported a huge rise in the number of people needing help.