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Police investigate new report of tampering at Cumberland Infirmary

Investigations at Cumberland Infirmary are ongoing Credit: ITV Border

Police are investigating a report of fluid bags being tampered with at Cumberland Infirmary.

They say they received the report last night.

Cumbria Constabulary received a report of medical supplies that appeared to have been tampered with last night (18th January) at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. Detectives have investigated this report and are not treating this as a malicious incident at this time.

– Cumbria Constabulary spokesperson

Police say the investigation that began earlier this month into saline bags being tampered with at the Cumberland Infirmary is still ongoing.


Hospital bosses 'saddened' by woman's death

Police are continuing their investigations into the death of a woman in a Cumbrian hospital.

Officers were called in by the coroner after 44-year-old Sharon Grierson died at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle last Monday.

A spokesman for North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust said they were saddened by her death but add that it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.

"We are deeply saddened by the death of a 44-year-old patient and we wish to express our sympathy to the patient’s family.

"We cannot comment further about the circumstances surrounding the patient’s death due to the current police investigation."

– Spokesperson, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
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