The cost of free school meals

From September Cumbrian schools will have an extra £1.15m to make sure all 4-7 year olds get free school meals.

Fostering: The facts

As week two of Foster Care Fortnight begins we're taking a look at what fostering is and who is eligible to do it.

Lakes family slams travel subsidy cuts

Lake District Family say they'll have to pay £1,200 for their son to get to school, following travel subsidy cuts by Cumbria County Council

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Carlisle school's transformation revealed

Work carries out to transform a Carlisle Primary School will be unveiled this morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Carlisle's Upperby Primary school has been refurbished and expanded, boosting its capacity by 194.

The work has seen the addition of four new classrooms, toilets, cloakrooms and an activity room and external refurbishments.

The Cumbria County Council-funded scheme was completed in January.

Cumbria County Council chairman Alan Barry and Upperby headteacher Jane Hodgson will cut the ribbon.

10k challenge for County Council apprentices

Apprentices at Cumbria County Council are taking part in a 10k walk to raise money for a community project.

They're building a garden at Mill Lane Day Services in Walney, a centre for adults with learning disabilities.

The team is hoping to be crowned 2014 Apprentice Team of the Year.

"We're really excited about doing the sponsored walk to raise money for the garden at Mill Lane. Creating a garden for the service users will be the high point of the whole Brathay Challenge. It's been hard work to organise everything on top of doing our apprenticeships, but we've all learnt a lot."

– Laura Mills, Cumbria County Council apprentice


Cumbria County Council agree £1million for road repairs

Nearly £1 million was allocated for repairs to roads damaged by recent bad weather.

The meeting was told the final bill could reach £2 million.The Council is also going to introduce a "living wage" for its staff from April and freeze its portion of Council tax for another year.

Last night, 13 February, Cumbria County Council agreed on £24m in cuts this year.

It comes as they have to save £90m over the next three years.

The Council did make modifications to six of its original budget proposals. To find out more you can visit their website.

Cumbria County Council agree £24m cuts

Following hours of often angry and emotional debate Cumbria councillors have agreed on a controversial budget to save £24m this year.

The county council has to save nearly £90m over three years, and that's on top of £88m it has already saved.

The cuts agreed today include the scrapping of subsidised bus routes and introducing on street parking. Council leaders were accused of betraying rural communities.

Cllr Jo Stephenson: 'No-one enters politics hoping to make cuts'

Jo Stephenson, Leader of the Lib Dem group which is in coalition with the Labour group, recommends the budget be passed saying:

"No-one enters politics hoping to have the opportunity to make cuts and I certainly didn't.

"However, this is the hand we have been dealt and we must play it...I believe this budget serves the needs of the whole county and it's people in all their diversity - a budget which balances the need to cut our coat according to the cloth of our available finances whist at the same time protecting the most vulnerable in our community."

– Cllr Jo Stephenson
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