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Computers accessed in new phone scam

Cumbria Police are advising people to be wary of suspicious telephone calls Credit: PA

People are being warned again bogus telephone calls from people claiming they are from Talk Talk, in order to gain access to computers.

Cumbria Police say they had a complaint from a member of the public, from the Carlisle area, who received a telephone call from people claiming to be from Talk Talk.

During the call they were advised that there was a virus on their personal computer and were then talked through how to allow the caller to have remote access to the computer. They were then asked for their bank details in order to receive a rebate.

In scams such as these sometimes money is asked for, but not always. Either way, once people have access to your computer they can find passwords and bank details.

“I would urge people across Cumbria to be wary of this type of call. These people can be very convincing, particularly to those who may not know a lot about computers.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that they should be cautious of anyone who makes contact with them – whether it is in relation to computers, financial accounts, charities, or offers to buy/sell. Don’t allow anyone you don’t trust access to your personal information or your computer.

My advice is to shut down, hang up, or close the door, to anyone you do not know. It isn’t rude – it is a sensible way to keep safe."

– Community Safety Officer for North Cumbria, Claire Stevens

Anyone who has any concerns or would like further advice can contact their local Neighbourhood Policing Team or visit

Safeguarding Cumbria's children

Cumbria Police have warned sexual offenders who prey on children that they will be prosecuted as part of a new initiative targeting the county's hotels.

It's part of a national campaign to tackle child sexual exploitation. Working with partners including the NSPCC and Cumbrian hoteliers, the aim is to raise awareness of the problem and educate hotel staff.


Drive to halt child sexual exploitation in Cumbrian hotels

Cumbria Police are working with Cumbria Tourism and local hotels to tackle child sexual exploitation.

Part of the drive aims to encourage people to recognise the signs that something may be wrong. In the past year there were 185 cases reported in Cumbria.

Officers are training hotel staff across the county to recognise where human trafficking and child sexual exploitation may be taking place. New legislation means hoteliers can now be prosecuted for allowing CSE to take place on their premises.

Possible indications to look out for:

  • Young male or female checking in with significantly older man or men.
  • Multiple adults and young people checking into rooms
  • A person looking fearful, nervous, withdrawn, uncomfortable
  • Frequent visitors who do not appear to have a reason to be in the hotel
  • Last minute/walk in bookings
  • Adult refusing to leave credit card imprint and paying cash
  • Individuals who appear to be monitoring public areas
  • High traffic to hotel room
  • Guests arriving and asking for specific room number without knowing name in which room was booked
  • Guests who don't want their room visited or cleaned

Industrial incident in Workington

Credit: ITV Border
Credit: ITV Border

There's been a major industrial incident in Workington after a man was trapped under a pallet at a joinery firm in Workington.

An air ambulance and several other vehicles from the emergency services responded to the incident at Howden's Joinery at the Clay Flatts Industrial Estate.

The accident happened shortly after 1.30pm.

People are asked to avoid the area while emergency services deal with the incident. Police say there is no risk to members of the public.

Tyres slashed on three Carlisle cars

The incidents happened on Lime Walk in Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

Police are looking for vandals who slashed tyres on three cars in Carlisle on Friday night.

The vehicles were parked on Lime Walk in Denton Holme and the damage is estimated to have cost hundreds of pounds. The vehicles involved were a black Hyundai Coupe, a black Vauxhall Corsa and a white Suzuki Swift.

Family tribute to the 'kindest girl in the world'

Holly was a student at the university in Carlisle Credit: Cumbria Police

The family of a woman who died in a car crash on Sunday (2nd November) have paid tribute to the 'sweetest, kindest girl in the world'.

Holly Rebecca McGreevy, 19, died in a three car crash on the A66 Brough. She was a student at the university in Carlisle but was from Hall Grounds, Loftus, Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

“Holly Rebecca McGreevy, the sweetest, kindest girl in the world. Loved by all who knew her. Taken from us far too soon and will always be remembered by all your family and friends. You were destined for greater things and we will always miss you.

– Statement from Holly's family

Police were called at 6.43pm to the crash. Holly McGreevy was driving a Black Nissan Almera.

Two other vehicles includes a White Audi A3 S Line driven by a 32-year-old man from Scotland and a large goods vehicle driven by a 40-year-old man from Scotland. Both men were uninjured.

Anyone with further information about the crash should contact the police.


Cars damaged - Police release CCTV

Cumbria Police want to speak to this man in connection with the incident Credit: Cumbria Police

Cumbria Police have released a CCTV picture of a man they want to speak to, in connection with an incident in Whitehaven.

Cars on Church Street were found damaged during the early hours of Sunday 19th October.

Anyone who recognises the man or has any information about the incident should call Cumbria Police on 101 and speak with PC 1906 McConaghy.

Drivers urged to protect cars from theft

Cumbria Police advise drivers to keep valuables out of view when leaving the car. Credit: PA

People in Cumbria are being warned to protect their car keys following the theft of a Mercedes car over the weekend.

Overnight from 1st to 2nd November a letterbox was removed from a house on Brisco Meadows in Carlisle and the car keys were stolen through the gap. The Mercedes was later found abandoned at Newlaithes Avenue, Carlisle.

Police are investigating the incident and ask people to report any suspicious activity they notice in the area.

Tips for keeping cars safe are:

  • Never leave keys in the ignition or in your car, even for a short time
  • Park with care, if possible in a busy, well lit, area
  • If you have a garage use it. If you park on a driveway, close and lock any gates
  • Close windows, sunroof, lock doors and activate security alarms when leaving your car
  • Take valuables with you when you leave your car, e.g. cash, credit cards, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems etc.
  • If you have no choice make sure valuables are locked in the boot, taking care no-one is watching you
  • Keep your driving and vehicle documents safe and not in your car
  • Postcode your valuables with a UV pen
  • Make sure your keys are secure at home and at work
  • On cold mornings, don’t leave your car unattended with the engine running while it warms up
  • Check your vehicle regularly if parked for any length of time
  • Be vigilant - report suspicious activity

Police warn public to be aware of cold callers

Cumbria Police are warning members of the community to be aware of illegitimate cold callers.

Fraudsters are telephoning people under the pretence of offering free home alarm systems but not disclosing installation or annual fees, which can be very expensive. Police have also received reports of cold callers working in the Carlisle area, visiting people’s properties and offering to repair damaged driveways.

The police are advising everyone to use caution if they receive a cold call. Never give any personal details over the phone and if unsure- hang up. If someone is at the door ask for identification, if they are unable to provide- shut the door.

“People should always be cautious and aware if they have received a cold call. Not providing any personal details and being vigilant can help prevent you becoming a victim of fraud.”

– Claire Stevens, Crime Prevention Officer
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