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Cumbria police praised in annual report

Cumbria Constabulary has been praised in the new annual programme of police force inspections.

The Peel Assessments report on how well each force in England and Wales tackles crime and anti-social behaviour and provides value for money. The force was found to be good at reducing crime and preventing offending, good at investigating offending and good at tackling anti-social behaviour.

The force was also found to be achieving its required level of efficiency and savings and protecting the front line.

130 firearms recovered in amnesty

More than one hundred firearms have been handed in to Cumbria Constabulary following a county-wide amnesty.

It ran from 10th November to the 21st November and followed a change to firearm legislation.

It gave people a chance to hand in unwanted or unlawfully held firearms, replica firearms, air weapons, BB guns, imitation firearms, antique firearms, component parts and other ballistic items.

The items included:

  • Pistol 13
  • Shotgun 37
  • Air Weapon 36
  • Ammunition 11
  • Rifle 15
  • Revolver 2
  • Other 16


Dating website users: 'Do the right thing'

Cumbria Police is advising people to 'do the right thing' when meeting someone from a dating website. Credit: PA

People who use dating websites are being warned to act appropriately when meeting in someone in person.

It's a part of a hard hitting campaign by Cumbria Police warning potential violent or sexual offenders to 'do the right thing' or face the consequences.

Police in north Cumbria have received five reports of sexual offences since the start of September, which refer to casual dating and meeting websites.

Within these reports have been incidents where 12-year-olds have pretended to be over 18-years-old and engaged in sexual discussions.

“Social dating sites have featured in a number of investigations regarding rape and sexual assaults in recent weeks. Men and women are talking to complete strangers and then meeting up in person – sometimes with very different intentions

These type of websites and apps are a popular way of meeting people, however there is always a strong element of risk when meeting up with a stranger you have met online. My message is that if you are meeting up with someone for the first time that, no matter how sexual your conversations may have been, you should never force your expectations on that person. If someone is uncomfortable or unwilling, or too intoxicated to fully consent, there is no excuse for continuing. Anything less than a ‘yes’ is a ‘no’.

I would also encourage people who are meeting someone that they have spoken to online to make sure that someone knows where you are, to meet in a public place, and take other reasonable measures to keep yourself safe.”

– DI Colin Ritchie, Cumbria Police

With Christmas around the corner and many children receiving new gadgets, parents are urged to be aware of the dangers of the internet.

Further appeal for witnesses to Carlisle burglary

On Monday 17th November, two men wearing balaclavas entered a house on The Nook, Belah Crescent, and stole money and jewellery. Credit: ITV Border

As investigations continue into an aggravated burglary in Carlisle, police are asking for witnesses to help trace the suspects.

On Monday 17th November, two men wearing balaclavas entered a house on The Nook, Belah Crescent, and stole money and jewellery.

  • Anyone who may have seen two men in dark clothing at, or around, a driveway between 167 and 177 Scotland Road, between 5pm and 6pm on 17th November.
  • · Anyone who can provide details of a Ford Flatback pick-up truck which was seen heading into Carlisle twice, going past between 167 and 177 Scotland Road at both 4:50pm and 5pm, and then out of town at 6pm. Police are also asking for the driver of that vehicle to make contact with the police as they may have information that could be of use to the investigation.
  • Appeal for the driver of a silver Landrover, which was coming out of the junction of Beechwood Avenue, Carlisle, and turning right onto Scotland Road at 6:55pm, to make contact as they may be a valuable witness just after the burglary.

“I would like to thank the public for their help in this investigation so far, and I hope someone will be able to help us trace the suspects by providing this valuable information. As previously stated these type of incidents are thankfully rare in Cumbria, and the victims continue to be supported by their family, and are in close contact with our officers.”

– DS Ginelle Ward, Cumbria Police

Cross border crackdown stops travelling criminals

70 cars were stopped in Cumbria and 139 were stopped overall. Credit: Operation Checkpoint

70 vehicles have been stopped in Cumbria as part of a joint police operation across the north of England.

The operation saw more than 80 officers from North Yorkshire, Durham, Cleveland, Cumbria and Northumbria Police which ran from 3pm to 1am on 25th November. 139 vehicles overall were stopped and cash and drugs were seized from other counties.

Police investigations suggest that organised crime groups are targeting rural areas, moving across county borders in the north of England to steal goods, predominantly from rural communities.

Also in Cumbria, a suspected stolen quad bike was recovered near the Scottish Borders, five stop and searches were carried out, there was one mobile phone offence and advice was given to three motorists around use of lights and seat belt.

Five stop and searches were carried out in Cumbria also. Credit: Operation Checkpoint


'We will target you for your offences. It is in your hands'

A new campaign by Cumbria Police is warning sexual or violent offenders to 'do the right thing' or face the consequences.

It focuses on domestic violence and sexual assaults and aims to make clear that the victim is never to blame by saying that men must take responsibility for their actions.

Campaign against violence: 'No one asks to be raped'

Campaign poster: 'No one asks to be abused - threaten or assault a family member and you are breaking the law' Credit: Cumbria Police

A new campaign is telling potential violent and sexual offenders to 'do the right thing'.

It focuses on three areas:

  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Alcohol fuelled violence
  • Domestic violence

In Cumbria between August 2012 and July 2014 there were 746 rapes or ‘other sexual offences’. In 88% of the rapes, and 75% of the other sexual offences, the offender was known to the victim.

The aim of the campaign, by Cumbria Police, is to make it clear that violence of any kind won't be tolerated.

Campaign poster: 'No one asks to be raped - anything less than a 'yes' and you are breaking the law'. Credit: Cumbria Police

“Normally at this time of year we issue safety messages to people about how to keep themselves safe – for example, don’t walk home alone or don’t leave your drink unattended. This is important advice and we do want people to take steps to keep themselves safe.

However, the truth is many people who are victims of sexual or violent assaults know their attacker, in which case this type of advice will be unlikely to help in their situation.

It also sets up the expectation that these people are somehow responsible for what happens if they become a victim of crime. This is absolutely not the case. No matter where a victim is, how they are acting, how intoxicated they may be, it is never the victim’s fault.

This campaign aims to put the blame where the blame belongs – with the offender. I want to be very clear: there is absolutely no excuse for violent or abusive behaviour and it will not be tolerated in Cumbria.”

– Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson, Cumbria Police

Operation Natterjack focuses on A590

The police say in the last year there has been 114 accidents on the road that have caused injuries or deaths. Credit: PA

Cumbria Police are launching a two day campaign to catch drivers breaking the law on the A590.

152 drivers were recently caught in a two-week operation on the A66. Police used an unmarked lorry in the last Operation Natterjack. 90 cars were stopped for using mobile phones, others were caught overtaking on solid white lines or for speeding.

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