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David Cameron to visit the Scottish Borders

This is the first time the Prime Minister has been in the Borders region since the Scottish Referendum Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron will visit the Scottish Borders.

The visit will follow a meeting with the First Minister in Edinburgh, in which he is expected to lay out plans for the increased devolution of powers to Scotland.

He claims these plans will transform Holyrood into "one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world".

It is the first time the Prime Minister has visited the Borders region since the referendum.



Cameron: 'No vote is not a vote for no change.'

David Cameron told the Scottish Conservative Party conference in Edinburgh that a 'no vote' can mean further devolution and more power to the Scottish people.

"Let me be absolutely clear: a vote for 'no' is not a vote for 'no change'.

"We are committed to making devolution work better still.

"Not because we want to give Alex Salmond a consolation prize if Scotland votes No, but because it's the right thing to do.

"Giving the Scottish Parliament greater responsibility for raising more of the money it spends.

"So here's the re-cap: vote yes, that is total separation.

"Vote no, that can mean further devolution more power to the Scottish people and their Parliament, but with the crucial insurance policy that comes with being part of the UK."

– David Cameron, Prime Minister

Cameron: 'No going back from Independence'

David Cameron has told the Scottish Conservative Party conference in Edinburgh there will be 'no going back' if Scotland vote yes for independence.

"Six months from now the day will dawn , the polling booths will open, the voters will come out and the people of Scotland will decide - stay or go.

"Stick with the UK or walk away.

"If the Scottish people vote Yes in September, then Scotland will become an independent country, there will be no going back, no second chances."

"We face a monumental battle to keep our United Kingdom together."

– David Cameron, Prime Minister
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Cameron attacks 'wrong and irresponsible' nationalists

David Cameron has condemned Scottish nationalists as "wrong and irresponsible" for dismissing warnings about the political consequences of the upcoming referendum as a "south of the border conspiracy".

Addressing the Scottish Conservative party conference, the Prime Minister said the warnings about an independent Scotland's currency and place in Europe were necessary with citizens ready to make a "major life changing decision".

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