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Art exhibition displays work of woman who took her own life

Evie Douglas Credit: Freda Douglas

An art exhibition is displaying the work of a Peebles woman who took her own life.

Evie Douglas was 21 when she died in November last year.

Her mother, Freda Douglas, has put on the exhibition of her daughter's work, to highlight the illness she had.

The art includes self-portraits, photographs and videos of Evie dancing.

Freda wants people to be more open about depression.

Evie was a former pupil at Peebles High School, and taught dance lessons in the town.

Evie Douglas Credit: Freda Douglas


Mental health and young people

For our fourth day of Mental Health Awareness week, we're looking at how young people are affected by mental health issues.

A report by the Princes Trust showed that 17 per cent of young people in the North West experienced symptoms of mental illness as a direct result of unemployment.

  • In the UK, there are 1 million young people struggling to find a job
  • Of those 40% have had symptoms of mental illness, that's 400,000 young people
  • 1-in-3 of long term young unemployed people have contemplated suicide

Steve was unemployed for eight years and developed mental health issues during this time.

He found help from the Prince's Trust and now works to help other young people who face unemployment.

"I was unemployed for eight years, and suffered from depression and anxiety on a daily basis. Being out of work knocked my confidence and made me feel like a failure. I felt I had nothing to offer, so I couldn’t see why anyone would ever want to employ me. The longer I was unemployed, the worse I felt about myself. Things got so bad that I rarely left the house."

– Steve, The Prince's Trust

For more information:

Cumbrian project challenges mental health stigma

About 125,000 people in Cumbria will be affected by a mental health problem in the course of a year.

Growing Voices is a project designed to get people talking and reduce the stigma which still surrounds mental health.

Reuben is part of the project's steering group. He has been diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia and says stigma can take many forms.

"It can be emotional, it can be behavioural, it can be difficulty relating to people and feeling included in society."

– Reuben, Growing Voices

The project is based on a massive tree, designed by Carlisle artist Ben Gates, which volunteers take to events around Cumbria. The tree has an MP3 player with people's experiences of mental health.

Follow the links below to find out more about Growing Voices and mental health issues:

Iain Russell on how he manages his depression

To commemorate mental health awareness week Queen of the South Striker Iain Russell has spoken of his fight against depression, in an industry where mental strength has been seen as essential to success.

But Iain is determined to help other footballers suffering from mental health issues by asking them to speak out.

He was diagnosed with depression three years ago, far from hampering his career, the reaction from the football community has been overwhelmingly positive.

  1. Tyne Tees

Prince's Trust offer advice to region's young people

As many of us look to the year ahead wondering what 2013 will bring, new research suggests many of our region's young people are filled with despair at their prospects.

The Prince's Trust claims one in ten young people in the North East can't cope with life because of problems finding a job.

Paul Brown from The Prince's Trust joined us for a chat in our London studio.

For more information about how The Prince's Trust could help you, click here.

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