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'Dogs need to be annually vaccinated'

An animal refuge centre in Cumbria has been quarantined, as a precaution, after an outbreak of a potentially deadly virus.

Wetheral Animal Refuge have vaccinated all the animals to stop the virus from spreading after cases of Canine Parvovirus have been reported across the UK.

Their director, David Jordan, says it's not hard to stop the disease from spreading.

Warning for Dumfries dog owners

Dog owners in Dumfries are being warned to take care of their pets when visiting supermarkets or shops.

There have been a number of incidents of dogs being let off their leads after owners tied up outside shops as they went inside.

In one case, a Border terrier was released from an unlocked car.

Another saw a Jack Russell terrier and a Staffordshire terrier released from leads while tied up outside.

All occurred at the Morrisons storein Dumfries.

The dogs were later found wandering around other supermarket stores car parks, quite some distance from where they were last seen.

A Bedlington whippet, which had been tied up outside the Co-op in Annan was also taken, later turning up 16 miles away at the Morrisons car park in Dumfries.

Police are unsure of the motive of these incidents.

“Clearly dogs being targeted for whatever reason, and whilst in these four cases there has been a happy ending, the next dog may not be so lucky. Owners should ensure that they do not leave their pets open to possible theft or interference when out and about shopping.”

– Constable Judith Richardson, Dumfries Community Policing Team


Cumbria Police's newest recruits get up close and personal with Ryan Dollard

Cumbria police's dog section has unveiling its latest recruits.

The current canine crime fighting team are being joined by ten springer spaniel puppies. They were born in October but are now old enough to join to force.

Earlier today our reporter Ryan Dollard went to meet them, but they didn't seem too happy to see him:

New police puppies 'everything we want'

PC Paddy Bainbridge with one of his new recruits Credit: ITV News

Cumbria Police have ten new, eager recruits on their hands this Christmas.

Millie, one of the force's operational dogs, gave birth to the puppies in October.

PC Paddy Bainbridge from Cumbria Police said: "We've bred these puppies to help Cumbria Constbulary in the fight against drugs. We are over the moon with them. They are bred from two of our existing dogs and they just seem to be everything we want."

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