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Canine rescue centre unveils brand new facilities

One of the residents Credit: ITV Border

Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre is celebrating some brand new facilities, including a post-op hospital block, new kitchen and meeting room.

But the centre wants to remind people that with Christmas just around the corner, the last thing they need is an influx of unwanted dogs.


Finding Jasper... one year on

Jasper Credit: ITV Border

One year ago today, Jasper the dog was finally found, after he went missing for three days in the Lake District.

A massive social media campaign followed - #FindJasper - and the border collie's photo was shared more than 250,000 times.


Most stray dogs 'haven't been dumped'

One of the residents of Wetheral Animal Refuge. Credit: ITV Border

More than 1,000 dogs have been abandoned in Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders in the last year.

Staff at Wetheral Animal Refuge say there are a variety of reasons dogs lose their homes:

It's really sad that so many dogs lose their home and for some it's a real trauma but the vast majority of the stray dogs we get haven't been dumped.

They may have been lost, jumped out of the car or gone wandering or the family circumstances have changed."

– Colin Powell, Wetheral Animal Refuge

Stray dogs cost Carlisle City Council £70,000 per year

The number of stray dogs is costly for the council. Credit: PA

The number of dogs abandoned in Carlisle in the last year has been revealed, along with the total cost to the city council.

Dogs collected
Dogs claimed
Dogs not claimed
Rough cost to council per year

It is a year on year problem so it seems to be about the mentality of people keeping pets and not realising that they are a long term commitment that requires time and effort on their part.

It's that sort of education we work on with animal charities."

– Scott Burns, Environmental Health Manager, Carlisle City Council

REVEALED: number of dogs abandoned in Border region

Thousands of dogs are abandoned every year. Credit: PA

The number of dogs abandoned in Cumbria and the south of Scotland over the last year has been revealed.

According to the Stray Dog Survey more than five dogs are abandoned every hour across the UK, but the number of abandonments in the Border region has dropped.

The figures also show that local authorities across the UK put down more than 5,000 dogs.

Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders:

  • 1,014 stray dogs picked up in 2015 - 28% fewer than 2014
  • 588 were reunited with their owners
  • 426 of these stray dogs were left unclaimed
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