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Plans in Scotland to lower drink-drive limit

Plans to reduce the limit to 50mg Credit: PA

A new lower drink-drive limit will come into force on Scotland's roads before Christmas.

Traffic police will be able to breath-alyse drivers at the reduced limit of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood from the 5th December, meaning motorists could be breaking the law if they consume a single pint or glass of wine before getting behind the wheel.

The new limit will bring Scotland into line with most of Europe, including Germany, France and Spain, while the current 80mg limit remains in place South of the Border.

Cumbria's youngest drink driver: 14

Figures released by Cumbria Constabulary show the youngest drink driver to be apprehended between 2008 and 2013 was just 14.

The figures were released after a Freedom of Information Request was submitted by in-car camera provider Nextbase.

The youngest child to be caught drink driving was an 11-year-old apprehended in the Thames Valley area in 2011.

And in Scotland, 718 drink drivers under the age of 18 were caught.

"Under-age driving is illegal and no person under the age of 17 should be driving a car. We have tough laws in place to tackle those caught driving without a licence.

"Drink-driving is a menace that costs lives, and the Government is strengthening the law to help police crack down on this problem."

– Department for Transport Spokesman


Almost 100 Cumbrian under-18s caught drink driving

91 Cumbrian under-18s were apprehended between 2008 and 2013 Credit: JOHN GILES/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Nearly 100 under-18s were caught drink driving in Cumbria between 2008 and 2013.

The figures were released by Cumbria Constabulary, and 42 other police forces, after a Freedom of Information Act request by in-car camera provider Nextbase.

They also released the number of under-16s, and the youngest person who was apprehended.

  • Under-18s: 91
  • Under-16s: 31
  • Youngest offender: 14 years old

Cumbria Police launch Summer drink drive campaign

Cumbria Police launching summer drink driving campaign Credit: ITV News

A new summer campaign to stop people from driving under the influence of drink or drugs has been launched.

Cumbria Police expect pubs and clubs across county to be busier this summer with the World Cup.

They're urging anyone who has a drink while watching a match to leave the drive home to someone sober

Over 100 people breathalysed in Christmas drink-drive crackdown

107 in Dumfries and Galloway have been stopped and breathalysed since the start of Police Scotland't festive drink driving campaign.

From Friday 6 December, when the scheme was launched, four people were found to be over the legal limit and now face prosecution.

Being convicted of a drink driving offence can result in anything from an automatic driving ban, a criminal record, a fine of up to £5,000 and, in some cases, a prison sentence.

“Already, sadly in this campaign we have detected four drivers who have chosen to ignore all the warnings that have gone out about this type of behaviour. Our patrols will continue to target those who choose to drink and drive and will deal with them as we deal with any criminal.”

– Inspector Neil Hewitson, Police Scotland's Road Policing Unit


Full Report: Police launch drink drive campaign

People in Cumbria are being urged to call the police if they see anyone they've seen drinking attempting to drive home over the festive period.

Police say they will treat any tip offs as a priority and say the focus of this year's annual drink driving campaign is the responsibility of ordinary people to help keep the roads safe this Christmas.

Ryan Dollard reports.

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