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Shane Warne escapes driving ban for 103mph on A74(M) near Gretna

Shane Warne Credit: PA

Australian cricketer Shane Warne has escaped a driving ban after being caught travelling at 103mph on the M74 near Gretna.

The 43-year-old was fined £500 and had five penalty points added to his license at court in Dumfries.

Warne is currently in Australia and was represented by his solicitor, Graham Walker, who tendered the plea of guilty to driving at 103mph on the northbound carriageway north of Gretna, on 17th September 2012.

He had been driving on an Australian licence at the time of the offence and said it was simply 'an error of judgement.'

Graham Walker said:

“Warne is a man who had no previous convictions and no points on his driving licence and travels thousands of miles a year.”