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Drivers more likely to crash on rural roads than motorways

Over the last two nights we've heard calls for the driving test to be changed, with campaigners saying it will better equip new drivers for the road.

Even though the number of people killed in accidents is dropping, drivers are far more likely to crash on rural roads than motorways and we are a region with plenty of those.

John Cleland is a former British Touring car champion, now closely involved with road safety.

He's an advanced driving instructor with decades of experience behind the wheel, so who better to take Hannah McNulty on a road trip around the region.


Family petition for changes to driving test

Last night we heard from Spike Johnson, who lost his son, Luke, in a crash near Carlisle, which also killed four other people.

One the ninth anniversary of Luke's death, he's begun a petition calling for changes to the driving test, that he believes could halve the number of deaths on the UK's roads.

We'll have the second of our reports focusing on road safety in the region on Lookaround tonight at 6pm.


Road safety - your views

This week on ITV Border we're exploring the issue of road safety in our region. As well as hearing from people calling for the driving test, we're also going to have tips for drivers and hear from experts. But we want your views too.

Have you any stories or ideas about how we can make our roads safer? Email us or tweet us @itvborder or contact our reporter @hannahmcitv We'll read out some of your views later in the week.

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