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Snake found in Lockerbie garden

The search is on for the owner of a Calafornian King snake, which was found on a front lawn in Lockerbie. 'Elvis' is being looked after by a reptile-loving family until his owner is found.

Elvis was found on Sunday Credit: ITV

The SSPCA has given the temporary home the approval but Elvis will be moved to a reptile shop to be made more comfortable.

Elvis the snake Credit: ITV


California kingsnake found in Lockerbie

"Elvis" the California kingsnake Credit: SSPCA

The Scottish SPCA is looking for the owner of a California kingsnake, which was found in Lockerbie yesterday (28th April).

A member of the public found the four-foot long brown and cream striped snake outside a house in Windsor Court.

The snake has been given the nickname "Elvis" and his finder has offered to rehome him if nobody comes forward.

Inspector Janet Proudlock from the SSPCA says Elvis is doing well.

She said:

"Elvis appears to be in good bodily condition although he was very cold and a bit grumpy about beinghandled.

"Luckily the gentleman who found him has some snake knowledge so he put Elvis straight on a heat mat to warm him up.

"Although it's spring time it's still far too cold for a snake to be able to survive outside so we're glad Elvis was found alive and well.

"Snakes are fantastic escape artists and they can squeeze themselves through the tiniest gaps so it's very likely that Elvis has simply strayed from home.

"However, we can't rule out the possibility that he may have been abandoned.

"We're urging anyone in the area who has recently lost a snake to call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999."