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UNISON secretary "delighted" with Supreme Court ruling

“I am delighted that the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of our women members. It is a shame, though, that they have had to go through this process and endure a seven-year wait, just to get equal pay.

“Dumfries and Galloway Council should take immediate steps to correct their pay and I urge other councils to follow suit. We have nearly 2,000 cases on hold, waiting for this judgment.

“Employers should be in no doubt that this union will continue to pursue cases until all women are treated equally.

"There are far too many who are still discriminated against and far too many employers who are using every single legal argument and loophole to dodge their obligations under equal pay law.”

– Dave Prentis, General Secretary, UNISON

Dumfries public sector workers win historic equal pay claim

Dumfries and Galloway Council headquarters Credit: ITV News Border

250 female public sector workers have won a Supreme Court case against Dumfries and Galloway Council in a fight over equal pay.

Elaine North at the Glasgow unison offices Credit: ITV News Border

Elaine North, who has fronted the campaign for equal pay, said:

"What we got today was a big step forward and I don't think we will ever stop fighting to get what we are entitled to.

"I love my job and I'm a mum and a grandmother and we are fighting for what we have now and the generation that come after us. This is about all women.

"We started this case seven years ago, they kept knocking us back but Unison fought the fight for us and with us and I'm really grateful to everyone involved."


Dumfries and Galloway Council equal pay row

More than 250 woman from Dumfries and Galloway are awaiting a Supreme Court decision over an equal pay row with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

UNISON is pursuing an equal pay claim for a the group of classroom assistants, support for learning assistants and nursery nurses.

The claimants say that their work is of equal value to male manual workers, including grounds men, road workers, refuse drivers, refuse collectors and leisure attendants.

A piece of Scotland's heritage saved from closure

Scotland's oldest working theatre can now go ahead with redevelopment plans after it secured a council grant of nearly half a million pounds.

The Theatre Royal in Dumfries dates back more than 200 years and was threatened with closure, but it has been given £455,000 by Dumfries and Galloway Council.

It means plans to redevelop the theatre site and expand its facilities can now get under way.

The theatre had already got nearly £1.5m from other sources including a grant of £1m from The Holywood Trust - a local charitable trust.

Work will begin early next year on redeveloping the theatre.

"We are delighted that this key piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place.

"We are pleased that the council has now come on board and we welcome a close working relationship with them to improve cultural facilities in Dumfries"

– Alan Henry, Development Convenor The Guild of Players, Dumfries

"The Trust is delighted that its initial investment has managed to unlock other sources of funding paticularly that of Dumfries and Galloway Council."

– Karen Ward Boyd from The Holywood Trust

Council to consider buying three wind turbines

Wind turbines like these at Glenluce Primary School could be installed on other council-owned sites Credit: ITV News Border

A council is considering putting up three of its own wind turbines to pay for and off set carbon emissions from its street lights.

Planners at Dumfries and Galloway are meeting to discuss installing three turbines up to 66 metres high on council land.

They have identified 11 sites and are considering using school playing areas.

Opponents have criticised it for being nothing more than a 'money-making scheme'.


Councillors meet to discuss social work spending in D&G

Councillors will meet to discuss the financial management of social services in Dumfries and Galloway.

Members of the Council's Social Work Committee will be presented with a report compiled by external auditors, which revealed a series of failings.

The investigation was carried out following worries about a series of overspends and local MP Russell Brown says the department isn't fit for purpose.

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