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Fracking in Canonbie put on hold

Campaigners in Canonbie have welcomed the news that fracking will will be put on hold in Scotland until a full inquiry is carried out.

The Scottish Government says local communities must be consulted about the impact of any controversial drilling techniques.

In Canonbie there were plans to extract unconventional gas at twenty sites around the village, but Scotland's environment agency has been told not to grant any licences.

Environmentalists have welcomed the move but say there should be an outright ban.

The Conservatives think blocking fracking will damage Scotland's economy.


The printer powered by peddling pupils.

A pupil cycling to power the printer Credit: ITV Border

A school in Southern Scotland has come up with a novel way of saving energy while teaching pupils about the environment.

St.Michael's in Dumfries has started using a bike to power one of their printers.

The school hopes it will help its pupils, who take turn cycling, learn how much energy is needed to power a single piece of technology.

Campaign against Wigtown Bay wind farm

A graphic representation of what turbines at Wigtown Bay would look like Credit: Save Wigtown Bay

Local residents of Scotland's official Book Town have raised concerns over a wind farm development proposal.

The plan for seven turbines on the hills overlooking Wigtown Bay has come under criticism as it's within Britain's largest local nature reserve.

"It's not just local folks saying, we have a pretty part of the world and we are going to protect it.

This is an inspiration to artists , writers, film makers, from literally all over the world and we are trying to protect that from being desecrated by from what would become an industrial site."

– Hamish Wilson, Save Wigtown Bay
The current view of Wigtown Bay Credit: ITV Border

The company who want to build the turbines say they've done everything possible to ensure the landscape can accommodate the turbines.

Plans for a wind farm in Wigtown Bay

There is a proposal to build seven turbines Credit: PA

There is a proposal to develop a wind farm in Wigtown Bay.

It is claimed the seven turbines would power 10,000 homes.

The company responsible for the plans, Ecotricity, also states that the development would benefit local contractors.

However opponents argue that the turbines would ruin the beauty of the local landscape, which would damage the area's tourism trade.

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