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Boat hoist could 'cut off' fishermen

Developments at Stranraer Harbour are not popular with everyone Credit: ITV Border

Willie Scobie, Councillor for Stranraer and North Rhins, says a new boat hoist could cut off access to the harbour.

"The boat hoist is going to cut off, or has the potential to cut off access to the harbour for fishermen but really there has been no economic profile on this, we don't know just exactly how often this boat hoist is going to be used."

– Cllr Willie Scobie


Stranraer slip way saves £500,000

Money saved from building a slip way in Stranraer could go towards the regeneration of the town.

Councillors will discuss today whether to inject the money back into the local community.

Over £490,000 has been saved by putting in a smaller slipway and a boat lift, the public will be asked their views on how the money should be spent.


Friendship cairn a 'lasting symbol of unity'

Stones continued to be added to the cairn after September's referendum. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Gretna's friendship cairn will remain in place as a "lasting symbol of unity" between England and Scotland, the Hands Across The Border group have confirmed.

The cairn, made of thousands of stones left by visitors from all over the world, was built in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum.

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