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Dumfries dairy experts pioneer cow tech to help African farmers

Credit: Mizeck Chagunda

A Dumfries-based dairy researcher is leading a trial designed to help farmers in Africa, by providing them with cow tracking devices.

The specialist tags allow farmers to monitor the cow's movements and give an indication of when they may be in season.

They could be out at the market and from there, they can actually know that my cow is in season. They can then contact the artificial inseminator, who will then go and inseminate the cow at the farm."

– Mizeck Chagunda, Dairy Researcher, Scotland's Rural College

Multiple cars damaged in Lochmaben

Credit: ITV Border

A number of cars have been damaged in Whitehills Avenue in Lockerbie, overnight on Saturday 22 April to Sunday 23 April.

A grey Fiat 500, silver Vauxhall Insignia, blue Nissan Qashqai and green BMW were all damaged between 10.15pm on Saturday 22 and 8.00am on Sunday 23 April.

I would appeal to anyone who saw anything suspicious in Whitehills Avenue or the surrounding area to get in touch. Anyone with information can contact officers at Lockerbie Police Office via 101."

– Constable Nicola Brunton from Lockerbie
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