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Completely ewe-nique: The farmer who painted a few of her flock

An artist from Dumfries and Galloway is taking the art world by storm by painting her sheep.

Helen Ryman is a farmer, and can only find time to paint once she's finished milking the cows and tending to her flock.

She takes inspiration from her work and the landscape around her and usually paints in the field along with her animals.

Fiona McIlwraith went along to meet her.


Bond stuntman to crack the whip at Chariots of Fire Centre

Ben with horse on set of Die Another Day 1999

A former stuntman will visit the Chariots of Fire Carriage Driving Centre to continue building his confidence after a life threatening accident.

The centre, near Lockerbie, teaches competitive carriage driving to those with disabilities including special needs and able bodied people.

Ben with Bond villain Toby Stephens 1999

Ben Bellman was a stuntman on films such as Gladiator, Charlotte Grey and James Bond movie 'Die Another Day'. Despite having sky dived for over 1000 times, his career ended after a sky-diving accident in 2001. It was thought that he would not live.

His family were warned that if he did survive, he may never walk or talk again. However Ben has been proving doctors wrong and will travel by train from London to Lockerbie.

In 1999 his first role was riding horseback alongside Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

Being around horses again is something which Ben is looking forward to:

'I’m really looking forward to it”, he said, “I love horses and this is the first time I’ll have had the chance to be with them since my accident'.

Carbon monoxide poisoning: Giving visibility to invisibility

A timely warning from Cumbria Fire Service about a silent killer. Since the recent sunny spell began, many have dusted off the camping gear and headed for the great outdoors.

But after a number of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in recent years, including one in the Lake District in 2012, the fire service say people should never take barbecues inside and should always use a carbon monoxide alarm. Tim Backshall reports:


Health centre 'stimulates local economy'

Michael Matheson, the Public Health Minister for the Scottish Government, has spoken about the benefits he hopes the new two million pound health centre will bring.

He says that a 'state of the art' centre will help to bring the best healthcare to people. He also adds that it could and has benefitted the economy, as 70% of the people involved in the construction of the building were from local businesses.

Campers: 'We brought extra jumpers, it's a bit safer'

Two campers admit that bringing a barbecue into a tent to warm up is a 'simple idea' and that they may not have considered the dangers.

However, due to posters around the campsite and a campaign by Cumbria Fire Service, the campers are now much more informed of the danger of carbon monoxide poisioning.

Rachel Fenwick and Louis Bradley from Blackburn

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