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Thousands in south of Scotland have already voted

Postal votes from the south of Scotland being processed Credit: ITV Border

More than 18,000 people in two of the constituencies across the south of Scotland have already voted by post for next week's general election .

Around 8,000 more postal ballots have been requested by voters in Dumfries and Galloway and Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale seats.

The council is recommending that people return their ballot papers by next Tuesday to make sure they're in time, but the returning officer says the process so far is going well.

"Here in Dumfries and Galloway we've got 143,000 voters, 30,000 of those are postal voters and of those we've already processed 18,000 of those postal votes."

– Alex Haswell, Returning Officer


More than 100 women hold meeting over equal pay claims

Credit: ITV Border

More than one hundred women in Dumfries and Galloway say they haven't been paid the money they're due following an equal pay claim.

Two years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that women who worked for Dumfries and Galloway Council could take forward a claim for compensation on the basis that they had been paid less than male workers doing comparable jobs.

Most of the women that were involved are teaching assistants or special needs assistants.

Campaigners celebrating over the Supreme Court ruling two years ago Credit: ITV Border

Some women have since received compensation of up to £15,000.

But the council says the time limit has now passed for further claims.

Those who haven't received anything yet are meeting in Dumfries this evening.

'We hadn't always dreamed of living in a castle'

A couple from Dumfries and Galloway say they hadn't planned to buy a run-down castle and restore it.

But John and Janet Brennan have spent the last seven years and hundreds of thousands of pounds rebuilding Barholm Castle, near Gatehouse on Fleet.

They have now put the property on sale for ££695,000.

Barholm Castle for sale

Barholm Castle

A couple from Dumfries and Galloway, who spent years restoring one of the region's historic buildings, are now selling it.

Barholm Castle has an asking price of £695,000.

John and Janet Brennan bought it for just £65,000 in 1999, but say they've spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the restoration, and stand to lose money.

They're selling the property because they want to be closer to Dumfries.

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