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'Independence will reduce the flow of trade'

The Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran has been in Dumfries and Galloway today to launch a paper that claims independence will reduce the flow of trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK by more than 80 percent.

The 'Yes Scotland' campaign says that the paper is irrelevant as it draws on out-of-date data from Canada and the USA.

Margaret Curran toured a factory in Lockerbie to highlight the so-called border effect earlier today, as Jenny Longden reports.


Claims of 'Border effect' by Shadow Scottish Secretary

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran tours a Lockerbie factory
Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran tours a Lockerbie factory Credit: ITV News Border

Independence will create a 'border effect', reducing the flow of trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK, according to a new report by Scottish Labour.

The briefing paper claims trade will be 83% lower after 30 years in the event of independence.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran highlighted the so-called 'border effect' during a trip to a Lockerbie factory this afternoon, Thursday 17 July.

The Yes campaign claim the paper is based on out-of-date data that is irrelevant to Scotland.

Shadow Scottish secretary to visit southern Scotland

Shadow Scottish secretary to visit southern Scotland
Margaret Curran, shadow Scottish secretary, is visiting southern Scotland

The shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran is visiting Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders today.

With just weeks to go until the independence referendum, the Labour MP will be speaking about the potential effect that having a more formalised border could have on international trade.

The SNP are arguing any negative assertions are based on what they describe as "inaccurate data".

Cumbria and Scotland affected by paedophile arrests

Cumbria and Scotland have seen a total of 17 arrests in connection with a six-month, nation-wide police operation into child abuse.

The operation saw a total of 660 suspected paedophiles arrested across Britain.

In Cumbria four people have been arrested while 13 arrests have been made across Scotland.

Police Scotland have not released a regional breakdown of their arrests.

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Dumfries to celebrate life and works of Robert Burns

He is one of Dumfries' most famous sons and, this weekend, the town is celebrating his life and works.

A cast of 70 will take to the streets to depict the final years of Robert Burns' life as part of a major literary festival.

As the finishing touches are being made, our reporter Ryan Dollard has been along to take a look behind the scenes at the final preparations.

Cause of mystery River Nith 'discharge' uncovered

The cause of a mystery 'discharge' spotted on the River Nith in March had been uncovered.

Rising sludge which was overflowing from a settlement tank into the river caused was first seen by a member of the public on Friday, 14 March.

A similar incident occurred on Saturday, 7 June when a fault in an inlet tank caused a second spillage into the river.

Scottish Water have since repaired all the faults and SEPA have, on six different occasions, found the water quality to be compliant.

“It is reassuring that the incidents were dealt with quickly after they were reported or discovered, however it is less reassuring that it took a report from a member of the public to alert SEPA and thereafter Scottish Water to the incident in March.

“It is also worrying that, at the time of the June incident, a spillage which occurred when the waste treatment operative was not on shift – sometime between 9am on the Saturday and 7am on the Sunday morning – and there seems to have been no monitoring during that time whether the plant was performing to the required standard."

– Elaine Murray MSP, Dumfriesshire (Lab)
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