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New church could attract youngsters

Holly Armour is working at the Baptist church as part of her religious studies at university. She hopes that the new building will help encourage more young people to give the church a chance.

"If you say there's something on in a church they just wouldn't come. Whereas if it's on in a different building like a building that's used by all of the community then hopefully that will encourage them to come along and use it.

"I'd like to see that changed in Dumfries and definitely see more people coming."

– Holly Armour, Youth and Community worker

The next step is to apply for a building warrant. They hope the new church will be up in running in three years time.


New Baptist church for Dumfries

Dumfries Baptist Church has been given the go-ahead to build a new £3.5 million complex.

The congregation has outgrown the current building and needs a larger premises. The new community church will house a cafe, meeting rooms, a 400-seat worship room and a sports hall with changing facilities.

"So the purpose and the vision of it is to not just find a bigger house for Dumfries Baptist church to live in, and for its people to go and worship there. It's to provide a meeting place where people can come and be together, hopefully find out something about the Christian face, but for the building to benefit the local community."

– Rev Alistair Purss, Senior Pastor

The new building will sit on a 3 acre plot pf land next to the Medical Centre in Georgetown. Along with parking for 100 cars, it will house a cafe, meeting rooms, a four hundred seat worship room, and a sports hall with changing facilities.

The site alone cost almost £300,000 and most of the money was raised by the congregation. But there's still a lot of work to be done to raise the 3.5 million:

"It's a number that would scare any person. We haven't reached that point where we can go and build a building next week or even next year. But in faith people have given generously and sacrificially, so we're in a good position to build for the future but we've a long way to go."

– Rev Alistair Purss, Senior Pastor