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Farmers warned to prepare for increase in liver fluke

Farmers in South West Scotland are being warned to plan for a high risk year for liver fluke.

The condition, which is spread by the mud snail, can be fatal for sheep infected with high levels of the parasite which can also affect cows, horses and other grass eating animals.

The wet weather from June to September is largely responsible for the increased risk as Kim Inglis reports.


Man dies after tractor fall

A 37-year-old man from Dumfries and Galloway has died after falling from a tractor. Alistair Irving, from the village of Leswalt, was killed in the accident which happened near Drummore.

"It is believed that the death occurred during the course of his employment, but we cannot comment further until the full circumstances have been established."

– Police Scotland

Emergency services were called to the incident just after 12pm on 14th April.

An investigation into the circumstances of his death.

New effort to save red squirrels

Red squirrels are under threat from a deadly virus carried by greys. Credit: ITV

Volunteers in southern Scotland are inviting people to take part in Red Squirrel Week, which begins today. The species is under threat from a fatal virus, squirrelpox, which is carried by grey squirrels.

Two organisations have joined forces to try to save the red population. The new project will work strategically to detect and contain outbreaks of the virus, and try to halt the spread of grey squirrels north to the Central Belt.

It'll also work with colleagues in the North of England to control the grey squirrel population.


Annan Athletic match sold out for the first time ever

Thousands of football fans are arriving at the Galabank Stadium in Annan ahead of the match against Glasgow Rangers.

Over 2,500 tickets were sold, 1,000 of those travelling are Rangers fans. It's the first in Annan Athletic's 70 year history that a game has been sold out. A David versus Goliath match Annan Athletic hope to do one better than Berwick and beat the fallen giants.

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