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Record crowd expected as Annan take on Rangers

Pubs, hotels, shops and cafes in Annan are preparing for a lucrative weekend as thousands of Rangers fans visit the town.

Annan Athletic will play the Glasgow giants on Saturday afternoon for the first time in the club's history. It follows Rangers' demotion to Division 3 in the summer, after the club went into administration last season.

The match is already sold out, with 2,400 fans expected.

"This is by far the biggest game in the club's history. The atmosphere is going to be fantastic not just at the ground but in the town. Annan can't wait for tomorrow to come."

– Henry McClelland, Annan Athletic chairman

Annan were only accepted into the Scottish Football League in 2008, the same year Rangers played in the UEFA Cup Final, and had just recorded a domestic cup double.

Like most other clubs, Annan voted against letting the 'newco' Rangers jump into Division 1.


Fire crews at scene of major house fire

Dumfries and Galloway Fire and Rescue service is currently dealing with a house fire at West Acres in Lockerbie.

3 fire engines and a Supervisory Officer are at the scene.

*Dumfries and Galloway Police *confirmed to ITV Border that "two eldery residents have been taken to D&G Royal Infirmary."

At this stage, the cause of the fire is unknown.

The roof of the bungalow has partially collapsed as a result of the fire.

  1. Ryan Dollard

MPs meet police to discuss port security

Police officers tasked with preventing illegal immigrants entering the UK through the port of Cairnryan, in Dumfries and Galloway have met with MPs to discuss concerns that they are being overstretched.

Since the UK Border Agency removed its staff from the Ferry Terminal in 2010, the number of illegal immigrants trying to enter mainland Britain through the port has risen 136 percent.


Thousands of people take part in Tough Mudder

Contestants run through the 'electric shock therapy'

Thousands of people have taken part in Tough Mudder at Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfriesshire this weekend.The course pushes contestants to the limit, as they plunge into iced water and experience electric shocks along the route.

Bryn and Steven Gedney completed the course this morning Credit: ITV

Bryn and Steven Gedney completed the course this morning. Bryn said "It was exhausting, really tough. The worst bits were definitely the ice bath at the beginning and the electric shocks. You get a few zaps, but it gives you a bit of energy on your way round.

"They say its only a short shock, but it feels like more."

A contestant plunges into mud at the end of the course Credit: ITV

Thousands expected at 'world's toughest challenge'

Thousands of people are expected to turn out for the second day of the Tough Mudder in Dumfries and Galloway.

The event, at Drumlanrig Castle, is billed as the toughest endurance challenge is the world. Participants jump into pits of nettles, walk through fire, and be shocked by electricity on the twelve-mile course.

It's the first time the Tough Mudder has come to Scotland.

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