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Plans for Robert The Bruce Centre in Dumfries

The Robert The Bruce Trust in Dumfries is hoping to open an educational centre, celebrating the former King of Scotland's links to the town.

Bruce is one of the most famous figures in Scottish history and he began his, often bloody path, to the throne by murdering his rival in a Dumfries church.

Lori Carnochan has been along to St Michael's Primary school in Dumfries, where the children have been learning all about Bruce:


Two headstones vandalised in Dumfries cemetery

Police Scotland are appealing for information after two headstones were vandalised in Dumfries.

Police say the headstones in St Michael's Street Cemetery have been targeted over the past two weeks. Paint was poured over both headstones, which are in different parts of the graveyard.

"This is not the first time that these two headstones have been vandalised as they were also damaged in 2013.

"It does appear that this is a targeted attack for whatever reason on these headstones. We are asking anyone who may have any information which can help us catch those responsible for this despicable act to call us at Dumfries on 101."

– Constable Scott Ruddick, Police Scotland


Four arrested after Dumfries purse thefts

Police Scotland. Credit: ITV Border

Four people have been arrested in connection with a spate of purse and wallet thefts in Dumfries throughout November.

Dumfries and Galloway police division say that one man and three women were arrested yesterday (3 December), following "excellent work" by security staff at the Loreburne Shopping Centre.

Dumfries gets a new town ambassador

Lorraine Wilson is the new Town Ambassador. Credit: Dumfries & Galloway council

Dumfries and Galloway council have appointed a new Town Ambassador, to increase "engagement with local community groups".

Lorraine Wilson, a former Community Safety Officer, was given the role, which includes providing information for visitors and supervising street cleaning.

The Peoples' Project, who jointly fund the role with the council, say it is also a way of improving the town's services and supporting the community:

This is an exciting project for the people of Dumfries and I hope that the public will embrace it, but also give Lorraine time to make a difference. Rome wasn't built in a day, as the saying goes, and neither was Dumfries, but by working together and listening to positive ideas from the public we can better support a community that we can all be proud of.

– Mark Jardine, Peoples’ Project

Dumfries 'close to becoming a ghost town'

Many shops in Dumfries have been closing. Credit: ITV Border

Traders in Dumfries say 18 businesses have closed in the past four months.

High streets are struggling across Scotland, according to new figures showing one shop closes every day on average.

This week Scottish Enterprise announced it was starting a service in Dumfries and Galloway to support retailers.

But traders in the town say that without urgent help, the situation is likely to get worse.

I think it's very close to becoming a ghost town, as are all small towns in Scotland now.

They are all on the edge of disaster. We are not doing enough to make it easier to shop in the town centre.

We are standing in a big pedestrianised area, people like their cars to go shopping, but they can't take their car anywhere near our town centre because there's just no access.

– Rab Smith, Chairman, Dumfries Retailers Association
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