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Police investigate violin theft in Dumfries

Violins in a workshop. Credit: PA

A police investigation is underway after several instruments valued at almost £6,000 were stolen from a house in Dumfries.

The break-in occurred between Monday 4 and Friday 8 May, on Dalbeattie Road in the town.

Four violins with a combined worth of nearly £5,500, a mandolin valued at around £800 and a banjo valued at around £600 were all stolen in the raid.

One of the violins dates back to 1890 and another to 1940, and both these violins are French in origin.

Friends say Gosling reply was perfect farewell

Friends have been paying tribute to a Dumfries man who died at the weekend.

Ryan McHenry became an internet sensation after putting up a series of six second comedy snippets about Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling online.

Ryan Gosling then responded by posting a tribute of his own.

Fiona McIlwraith has this report.


Queens defender Andy Dowie signs new contract

Andy Dowie Credit: Queen of the South FC

Queen of the South have announced that defender Andy Dowie has signer a new contract, keeping him at Palmerston Park for another year.

"Andy has been outstanding this season and to have secured him for another year is fantastic news.

"We see him as a key part of the squad and having already re-signed Chris Higgins, Derek Lyle and Iain Russell for another campaign is really positive.

"We also already have Ian McShane under contract, so things are starting to take shape for next season".

– James Fowler, Manager, Queen of the South

Ryan Gosling reply was the 'perfect ending'

Ryan McHenry's friends have said that Ryan Gosling posting a reply to his Vine is the 'perfect ending'.

The 27-year-old from Dumfries created a video of the Hollywood superstar supposedly refusing to eat cereal. The Vine went viral and was often used as a light-hearted joke in interviews with Mr Gosling.

The actor posted a condolence message on Twitter to Ryan's family, followed by a video of him finally eating some cereal.

"He was the best kind of guy you could meet"

Ryan (L) having a laugh with his friends Credit: McHenry family

Friends of a Dumfries filmmaker who shot to fame with a video created for Ryan Gosling have been paying their tributes.

Ryan McHenry, 27, died from a rare form of cancer on Saturday evening, after a two year battle against the disease.

His popular 'Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal' vine attracted millions of hits and gained him more than 250,000 followers.

"He was the best kind of guy you could meet really. He was also the most generous man i've ever met aswell. He was always on hand if you needed advice or just a hand with anything , he was a fantastic guy.

– Ryan Clachrie, friend of Ryan McHenry

"He was one of the most sincere guys you could meet and a kind soul. He was also incredibly mischievous and loved yanking people's chains. An all-round great guy."

– Leo Robb, friend of Ryan McHenry

Ryan Gosling pays tribute to Dumfries film-maker

Ryan Gosling has created a vine in tribute to a Dumfries-born film-maker who has died from cancer.

Ryan McHenry gained fame as the creator of the popular 'Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal' vine series.

In the short comedy videos, McHenry holds spoonfuls of cereal up to a television screen, making Gosling, acting in many of his serious film roles, appear to refuse to eat it.

They gained worldwide fame, with the actor himself learning of them.

On hearing of his death, Gosling paid tribute by creating a vine of himself finally eating his cereal.

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He also tweeted his condolences to Ryan's family.


Tall ship gets big reception

Hundreds of people turned out over the weekend to see the first tall ship in 100 years arrive in the port of Dumfries.

The La Moulouine was sailed up the River Nith to Kingholm Quay where she'll spend the next year being renovated.

It's hoped the ship will one day take young people sailing in the Solway and Irish Sea.

Ship's owner and member of the Port of Dumfries Development Group, Roy Kerr, on plans for the vessel.

Three wards closed at DGRI due to norovirus

Three wards remain closed at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary due to an outbreak of norovirus.

The winter vomiting bug has closed wards 9, 10 and 12, with around 30 people showing symptoms of the illness, including sickness and diarrhoea.

Full outbreak control measures have been put in place at the hospital, with admissions and visiting restricted.

“This is an unpleasant virus which is circulating in the community and is spread easier wherever people are together.

"In this outbreak vomiting is more of a feature and this makes it much more easy to transmit which is why we are seeing higher numbers affected in hospital.

"We regret having to take such measures as restricting visiting, particularly over a holiday period, but thank the public and our staff for their continued support and patience as we endeavour to minimise the impact of this horrible bug.”

– Elaine Ross, Infection Control Manager, DGRI
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