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WATCH: New training facility for west Cumbria

A new multi-million pound training facility is to be built in west Cumbria. It will be the biggest of its kind in the UK and allow training company Gen 2 to double the number of apprentices and other learners it can train.

The investment is designed to cope with a growing demand for skilled workers, particularly in the nuclear industry as plans progress for three new reactors at Moorside near Sellafield.

Call to tweak haggis recipe for US export market

Credit: ITV Border

The recipe for haggis should be "tweaked" to get round a decades-old ban on the food in the US, Scotland's Rural Affairs Secretary has said.

Richard Lochhead, who will be in the US this week, said selling Scottish haggis to the Americans would be worth millions to the Scottish economy.

Haggis imports have been outlawed in the US since 1971. The country's food standards agency prohibits sheep lungs - one of the key ingredients - in food products.


Mixed messages about Cumbrian economy

There has been mixed reports on the state of the Cumbrian economy.

Businesses say they believe the county is on the road to recovery.

Many firms are reporting that they're more optimistic than at any time since the recession began.

But that optimism seems to be at odds with the experience of many workers, who still say they are facing tough times and seeing little sign of improvement.

Those in the public sector seem to be hardest hit.

The union, UNISON, says across the North West of England 40,000 jobs have gone since 2012.

They say that's seven per cent of public sector jobs.

So is the economy turning a corner or is there more hardship ahead?

Tim Backshall has this special report:

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