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Eden District Council’s Executive agrees on budget

Eden District Council is considering a 1.99% in Council Tax Credit: ItV

Last night, Eden District Council’s Executive agreed a budget to recommend to Council.

It follows a period of consultation on the draft budget.

There are no proposals to reduce services, although a 1.99% rise in Council Tax is being considered, which would be an increase of £3.61 a year.

“We are considering a Council Tax increase of a modest 1.99%. The effect on households will be an increase of 7p per week.

"We have frozen our car parking charges. We did freeze our Council Tax for a number of years. If we do not increase our Council Tax in-line with inflation it will be difficult to maintain our existing services in future years".

– Cllr Gordon Nicolson

Registration for Eden Council elections

Every household in Eden will be receiving a letter with the details of who is included in the Register of Electors at each property in the district.

This council says it is a chance for people to check whether they are registered and eligible to vote in the forthcoming General, District and Parish Elections on 7 May 2015.

Since the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) last year, it is now everyone's personal responsibility to ensure they are registered using the online registration facility.

If the letter states that you are registered, no further action is required.

"We want to ensure that everyone who is entitled to vote is able to exercise their democratic right at the important elections on 7 May, and they can only do that if they are included in the Register of Electors, so it is vital for everyone to check whether they are registered."

– Paul Foote, Eden District Council's Electoral Registration Officer

For more information visit the government website.

Those who do not receive a letter should contact Eden District Council by telephone or email


Eden district house prices 11x higher than income

A new scheme hopes to create more affordable housing in the Eden district of Cumbria Credit: ITV Border

A million pound fund has been pledged for new affordable housing in the Eden district of Cumbria.

The local council has approved the move in order to create homes for local people in an area where average house prices are 11 times higher than average incomes. It is hoped housing associations will be able to bid for money from the scheme later this year.

Lazonby bids for control over neighbourhood planning

Lazonby Parish Council is the ninth area in the Eden district to apply for control over neighbourhood planning.

This would allow local people to have a say in how their village will be developed in the future.

In Cumbria there has been strong interest from local communities wanting to take over planning power of their parish. Similar applications from Alston, Skelton, Morland and Langwathby have been approved in the last month.

What does this mean?

  • The 2011 Localism Act allows a parish to become a designated Neighbourhood Area. It then has the power to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan that sets out what type of development is acceptable in the future and must be considered by the District Council, Planning Inspectors and the Secretary of State when making decisions on planning applications.
  • The parish could also produce Neighbourhood Development Orders which permit development, on individual sites, without the need for a planning application to the district council.

'An historic decision' for Penrith

Residents in Penrith have voted in favour of establishing a town council for the area.

The result of a postal ballot showed that 65 per cent of people voted in favour and 35 per cent voted against.

The local electorate had been asked for views that formed part of a Community Governance Review being conducted by Eden District Council.

“The people of Penrith have made an historic decision in voting for a town council. I am pleased that the result shows a significant majority for the decision. This will mean that all of Eden District will have a town or parish council to represent the views of residents. I welcome the result. We will ask the council at its next meeting on 18 September to endorse the result and agree to set up a shadow town council to engage with residents and make preparations for elections in May 2015.

“We have a long tradition of working with town and parish councils in Eden and I we will extend this to the new town council for Penrith.”

– Cllr Gordon Nicolson, Eden District Council Leader

Penrith FC's stadium row with council

As the country’s Premier League teams battle over which multi-million pound players to sign for the new season, the future of one of the region’s small town clubs hangs in the balance over unpaid rent.

A row has broken out between Penrith FC and Eden District Council over the stadium lease. The council says Penrith hasn’t paid any rent for nearly five years. The club say the council hasn’t carried out urgent repairs since it moved it.

Paul Crone reports:


Penrith FC accused of not paying rent for five years

The club was founded in 1894 Credit: ITV Border

Even before the start of the football season, a row has erupted between Penrith FC and Eden District Council.

The dispute is over the stadium lease, with the council claiming the club hasn't paid a penny in rent since they moved into the ground almost five years ago.

The football club says until the council carries out essential and long-standing repairs to they ground, they have no intention of paying.

Locals to determine planning applications in their area

Alston Moor, Langwathby and Morland have all been approved as 'Neighbourhood Areas'.

The designation by Eden District Council means people in the communities can carry out their own neighbourhood planning.

Neighbourhood Development Orders legally allow local people to determine what planning applications are approved in their area.

Alston Parish Council submitted an application on 14 April 2014 for the whole area of the parish to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area.

Langwathby and Morland submitted the same application on 27 May and 16 May respectively.

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