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Free winter wonderland parking in Egremont

Credit: Press Association

Revellers at Egremont's winter wonderland Christmas lights switch-on will be able to park for free this weekend.

The free parking is available from midnight to midnight on Sunday in Copeland Borough Council's town centre car park.

The event had been due to take place yesterday but was put back a week due to the bad weather.

“The winter wonderland and lights switch on are a big part of the annual events in Egremont and it was unfortunate that the weather was so bad last week.

"I am delighted Copeland Council have been able to support the rescheduled Christmas event this Sunday, and have arranged for the free car parking.

“I hope the weather will be fine and the free parking will encourages more people to attend this Sunday (December 6) to support this great community event."

– Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland

Police say flood warnings aren't overreacting

Kendal and Egremont residents who live near the river are being asked to evacuate their houses as severe weather is expected to hit Cumbria in the early hours of the morning.

The Environment Agency has issued several Flood Warnings.

People who live in these Kendal postcodes should be warned of potential flooding:

LA9 4AH, LA9 4AY, LA9 4BD, LA9 4BF, LA9 4BW, LA9 4DZ, LA9 4EA, LA9 4ET, LA9 4EU, LA9 4EX, LA9 4LL, LA9 4UB, LA9 5AF, LA9 5AP, LA9 5AS, LA9 5AT, LA9 5AU, LA9 5DJ, LA9 5HF, LA9 5JL, LA9 5JP, LA9 5QH, LA9 5QJ, LA9 5QL, LA9 5QN, LA9 5QQ, LA9 5RA, LA9 5RB, LA9 5TR, LA9 6AA, LA9 6BD, LA9 6BL, LA9 6DE, LA9 6DY, LA9 6EL, LA9 6EN, LA9 6ER, LA9 6ND, LA9 6NG, LA9 6NH, LA9 6NL, LA9 7AA, LA9 7AD, LA9 7AH, LA9 7AN, LA9 7BX, LA9 7BY, LA9 7BZ, LA9 7DB, LA9 7DD, LA9 7DE, LA9 7DN, LA9 7DW, LA9 7ED, LA9 7EF, LA9 7EG, LA9 7EQ, LA9 7LJ, LA9 7LQ, LA9 7LT, LA9 7LU, LA9 7QB, LA9 7SX, LA9 7SY, LA9 7SZ

Inspector Paul Latham from Kendal Police spoke to our reporter Fiona Marley Paterson:

Kendal Fire and Rescue have been knocking on people's doors in affected areas urging them to go to an evacuate centre and prepare their home for flooding.

Station Manager Conrad Leather:


WATCH: high-flying wrestlers in Egremont

A year after it opened, the owner of a wrestling school in Egremont is preparing for a huge show for two of his wrestlers.

Watch Katie Hunter's full report:

Rock and roll legend Robert Plant to play Egremont gig

Robert Plant Credit: Vaclav Salek/Czech News Agency/Press Association Images

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant is to play a charity gig in Egremont this October.

He'll perform at the Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children's Fund (CKDCF) annual benefit concert, in the town's Market Hall on Saturday October 24.

Also playing are Francis Dunnery, the local musician who set up the charity in honour of his parents, and Big Big Train, Peter Jones, Dorie Jackson, John and Wayne, John Mitchell, Andrea and Bennedetta, John Gilmour Smith and John Bentley.

All proceeds go directly to the charity, which raises money for children's health, wellness and educational needs.

The tickets, which cost £25, have already sold out.

Rock and roll legend Plant launched a successful solo career following drummer John Bonham's death, and the band's break-up, in 1980.

Hostel for former servicemen opens in Egremont

The hostel has now opened. Credit: ITV Border
The hostel has now opened. Credit: ITV Border

A hostel for former military personnel has opened in Egremont.

The 11-bed hostel is at the site of the former police station on Main Street.

After local opposition to the plans Copeland Council said all prospective residents would be vetted, and the hostel has now opened.

Homeless hostel opens in former Egremont Police station

A new homeless hostel in Egremont will open today Credit: PA

A controversial homeless hostel in west Cumbria officially opens today. The former police station in Egremont has been converted into an eleven-bed house with priority given to former military personnel.

While there's support in the town for the development concerns have been raised about security and suitability of the location.

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