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Great North Air Ambulance called to near-fatal motorcycle collison

The GNAA was called to the M6 just south of Tebay. Credit: GNAAS

The Great North Air Ambulance Service has released details the M6 crash its team was called to yesterday.

It responded to a motorcycle collision in which a 59-year old woman suffered life-threatening injuries.

The GNAAS arrived on the scene at 12.30pm, where they provided emergency treatment before flying the patient to the Royal Preston Hospital.

The woman was described as 'critical' on arrival.

Roads reopen after Carlisle fire

The area was cordoned off this morning but has now reopened Credit: ITV Border

Newton Road, and the surrounding area, has reopened following a fire this morning.

Dozens of homes and offices were evacuated from the area, which was cordoned off, following fears that gas cylinders at the scene might explode.

However an expert has now deemed the streets involved to be safe, and all restrictions have been lifted.


Carlisle fire: 'Everybody's been moved off the street'

Dozens of homes and offices have been evacuated from the area surrounding a fire in Carlisle.

Properties on Newton Road, including a nursery, were evacuated following fears that gas cylinders might explode.

Police have put a 200 metre cordon around the building, and the exclusion zone will remain in place until experts check that the acetylene cylinders there are safe.

Crèche evacuated from scene of 'hazardous' fire

Firefighters at the scene working to extinguish the blaze Credit: ITV Border

Crews at the scene of the fire at Newton Road in Carlisle have described the situation as 'hazardous".

They say the 200m exclusion zone currently set up will remain in place until experts check that the acetylene cylinders there are safe. If overheated, they warn the cylinders could be like a "bomb going off".

A nearby nursery has been evacuated, alongside other neighbours, in attempt to get people a safe distance away from the building while firefighters work to extinguish the blaze.

It's a busy place with a number of businesses in close proximity. When acetylene is involved in a fire we need to put a 200m cordon in place so it was a busy workload for the two pumps who arrived first.

"Acetylene cylinders can be like a bomb going off if they are overheated so they are a dangerous projectile.

"It's been very hazardous. Lots of people, a crèche to evacuate and it's that window of opportunity to get people out quickly while we're extinguishing the fire."

– Bruce Wilson, Watch manager from Cumbria Fire & Rescue

In pictures: the Carlisle fire

Fire and rescue services were called to the scene Credit: ITV Border

A fire that broke on Newton Road this morning has closed many roads in the surrounding area. No one was injured.

A hose working to extinguish the blaze inside the business Credit: ITV Border
Smoke billowing at the scene Credit: ITV Border
The area was cordoned off by tape Credit: ITV Border

No injuries in Carlisle fire that's closed multiple roads

Firefighters at the scene working to extinguish the blaze Credit: ITV Border

No one has been injured in the fire at a business on Newton Road.

Newtown Road and roads immediately surrounding the area (Port Road, Infirmary Street, and Ashley Street) will be closed for approximately five hours.

Emergency services are continuing to deal with the situation.

The fire affected a business on Newton Road Credit: ITV Border


Emergency services called to Carlisle fire

Emergency services at the scene on Newton Road Credit: ITV Border

Emergency services are currently dealing with a fire in Carlisle.

Police were called to the scene at Newtown Road at 10:56am today.

The road is currently closed, and motorists are asked to avoid the area and use alternative routes.

Fire fighters working to put out the flames Credit: ITV Border

Safety training for children

Would you know how to react if your friend collapsed from too much drink or if a fire broke out in you living room? Those are just some of the scenarios children have been taught how to deal with at a safety event in the Scottish Borders.

Primary seven pupils from the region have also been learning about water safety, farm safety and ahead of the re-introduction of the Borders Railway, rail safety.

Jenny Longden reports.

Safety scenarios for Border pupils

Children in the Scottish Borders have been learning important safety messages during life-like scenarios.

The Crucial Crew event has been teaching more than a thousand children about fire, rail and water safety among other key messages. It's hoped that by acting out dangerous situations, children will remember the best way to respond.

Border pupils learn important safety messages

Pupils from across the Scottish Borders have been learning how to cope in emergency situations.

1,200 pupils have taken part in Crucial Crew 2014. Now in its 22nd year, the three-week long learning event is designed to help them cope with dangerous situations, remain safe, learn social responsibility, work as a team and understand the roles of the emergency services and other agencies.

This is achieved by setting up a number of scenarios or sets. The children are faced with potential hazards, in strictly controlled circumstances, and are required to respond as they would in ‘real-life’

At the conclusion of each ten minute set, the agency staff provide a short de-brief explaining the relevant dangers and appropriate ways of dealing with them.

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