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Former Rural Affairs minister to make Brexit case in Cumbria

Owen Paterson. Credit: PA

The former Secretary of State for Rural Affairs is visiting Cumbria today, urging farmers to vote to Leave the EU.

Owen Paterson will be at the Crooklands auction mart near Kendal to set out why he believes British agriculture would benefit from Brexit.


Around The House: political debate from Westminster at 11:35pm

Helen Ford is joined by a panel of MPs for Around The House Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

In tonight's Around The House, we consider the latest chapter in the EU debate. What does the European Union mean for our region? Would we be better, or worse off, without it?

Helen Ford is joined by the Carlisle MP John Stevenson, Redcar's Ian Swales and North West Durham MP Pat Glass.

Catch the debate at 11:35pm tonight on ITV.

European Union referendum could affect Borders business

Scotmas Managing Director Derek Cameron Credit: ITV Border

A debate about Britain leaving the European Union could have a negative affect on business in the Borders, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

Members say that simply considering a referendum could have a terrible impact on businesses which export goods to Europe.

Derek Cameron runs a business in the Borders, that exports goods to Europe and the rest of the world.

He said:

"I think the Europeans may well, quite rightly get fed up, take the huff and I don't see us being welcomed with open arms if we go into France or Germany."

Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce Director Andrew Collier said:

"The Borders is very much an area where businesses think globally and yes, they do very well in all parts of the world, but to be out of the EU would be a massive hinderence to them.

"It would be huge, and it is a step that is frankly almost beyond contemplation, and I think businesses in the Borders generally speaking will be very very angry about this, because they see that it is just a huge impediment to trading."