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MSPs claim nearly £13 million in expenses

MSPs claimed just over £12.8 million in expenses in the last year.

The total is 8 % higher than 2010/11.

A parliament spokesperson says the rise is due to 'winding up' expenses paid to 48 MSPs who were not returned to the Scottish Parliament after the May 2011 elections.

If those costs are excluded, the total expenses paid out to Holyrood politicians was just over £11.3 million - a decrease of more than £500,000 on the previous year.

First Minister Alex Salmond claimed £13,361 on expenses such as office rent, travel costs and phone bills.

Here's a breakdown of expenses totals for MSPs in the South of Scotland 2011/2012:

  • John Lamont MSP (Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire, Cons) £28,688.15
  • Joan McAlpine MSP (South of Scotland, SNP) £24,611.84
  • Elaine Murray MSP (Dumfries, Labour) £23,911.03
  • Alex Fergusson MSP (Galloway & West Dumfries, Cons) £23,162.95
  • Chic Brodie MSP (South of Scotland, SNP) £21,251.68
  • Claudia Beamish MSP (South of Scotland, Labour) £21,217.21
  • Christine Grahame MSP (Midlothian South Tweeddale & Lauderdale) £13,227.81
  • Jim Hume MSP (South of Scotland, Lib Dem) £11,840.80
  • Paul Wheelhouse MSP (South of Scotland, SNP) £11,431.71
  • Aileen McLeod MSP (South of Scotland, SNP) £10,314.14