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Full Report: Eyemouth hit by more bad weather

While the clean-up begins, parts of the region have been experiencing another day of wild weather.

The coastal town of Eyemouth has taken a battering from the biggest high tide in more than a century.

Businesses at the harbour-side have been cleaning up today after the worst flooding in the town for decades.

Jenny Longden reports:


Full Report: Family call for life-saving equipment at beaches

The parents of a teenage girl left brain damaged after being swept out to sea at Eyemouth Harbour are calling for better life-saving equipment to be made available at beaches.

Katie-Lou Maclean now needs round the clock care since being rescued from the water at Eyemouth last year.

Her parents have set up a petition to lobby government for beach safety laws to be introduced.

Jenny Longden reports:

Petition for life-saving equipment

An Eyemouth father, whose daughter suffered serious brain damage after being swept to sea at Eyemouth Harbour, is campaigning for better safety equipment at beaches.

Andy MacLean has set up an online petition and is looking for nearly 100,000 signatures to take to parliament.

He wants to see a law introduced, requiring all beaches to have risk assessments and life saving equipment.

The petition can be seen here.

Life saving equipment "could have helped our daughter"

Andy Maclean says more life saving equipment is needed at beaches Credit: ITV News

A father whose 15-year-old daughter was left severely brain damaged after getting swept to sea at Eyemouth is campaigning for life saving equipment to be made a legal requirement at all UK beaches.

Andy Maclean, whose daughter Katie-Lou needs round-the-clock care since the accident in June 2012, says things could have turned out different if life saving equipment had been available.

Scottish Borders Council has fitted equipment at the beach in Eyemouth since the accident, but local authorities are under no legal obligation to provide safety equipment.


Kayaker terrified whale would tip kayak

John Malone from Newton St Boswells with his small kayak Credit: ITV News Border

John Malone was fishing in his kayak off the coast of Eyemouth when a huge killer whale came spouting out of the water.

Mr Malone, who is an experienced kayaker, caught the footage on his helmet cam.

He has never seen anything like it:

"I was just sitting quietly fishing away, when i started to hear a huge blowing noise. I spun round and right in front of me was a huge killer whale.

"It was only in shot for a few seconds before it disappeared under the water and left a huge suction ring.

"That's when i really started to panic. Once it disappeared, i didn't know where it was going to come up again. Fortunately it didn't come up underneath my kayak."

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