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Penrith lights up during Winter Droving Festival

People in costume join the parade Credit: ITV Border

Thousands of people lined the streets of Penrith this weekend to enjoy a colourful spectacle of lights, music and revelry.

The Winter Droving Festival which is now in its 3rd year, has quickly become a popular fixture on the local calendar and last night it drew 10 thousand people to the town.

The event is also a chance for traders to showcase Cumbrian produce and what the Eden valley has to offer.

Thousands line the street to watch Credit: ITV Border
The parade is a colourful spectacle Credit: ITV Border


Beyond Borders: Art and literature at Traquair

A festival that 'travels beyond borders' is taking place in one of Scotland's oldest homes this weekend.

Traquair House in Peebleshire is hosting art exhibitions, a film festival, lectures, dialogues, literary walks, cycle rides talks and debates during the two-day Beyond Borders festival.

Among those featuring at the festival are war photographer Paul Conroy and Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma.

Scotland's place in the world and international conflicts are among the topics to be discussed.

St Ronan's Games: Kirkin' Cermony

The 187th St Ronan's Games week got underway today with the Kirkin' Ceremony at Innerleithen Church.

The Cleikum Ceremonies, which began in 1901, remember St Ronan, who folklore has it brought Christianity to the region.

School children were involved by dressing up in costume during a parade, led by St Ronan's Brass Band.

St Ronan's Band play on Innerleithen High Street Credit: ITV Border
Principals and children at the ceremony Credit: ITV Border
Alexander Paterson, this year's Dux, represents St. Ronan Credit: ITV Border
School children in costume Credit: ITV Border


Reivers' storm Duns

The Duns Summer Festival, also known as Reivers Week, is taking place in Duns this week, with their main ride out taking place today (Saturday 12th July).

This year the cavalcade of nearly 200 horses is being led by Reiver Ross Foreman and Reiver's Lass Lauren Burns.

Reiver Ross Foreman and Reiver's Lass Lauren Burns. Credit: ITV Border
Townspeople watch the rideout this morning Credit: ITV Border
The cavalcade is greeted by crowds Credit: ITV Border
The band leads the cavalcade through the town Credit: ITV Border

Spring is near as snowdrops blossom

They're heralded as the start of spring, and despite the weather, snowdrops are appearing in verges and gardens all over the region.

This year, they're the subject of a special Snowdrop Festival.

Five gardens in Dumfries and Galloway are taking part, and our reporter Fiona McIlwraith went to Logan Botanic Garden on the south west tip of Scotland to find out more.

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