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Rainfall has been unprecedented

Today marks the third anniversary of some of the worst flooding ever to have hit the Border region. In 2009, flood waters devastated areas including Cockermouth, Keswick and Dumfries.

Three years on, we've just experienced one of the wettest summers ever recorded and we're being warned more flooding is in store this winter. Scottish Borders Council have said that it is on a scale which they are not used to dealing with.


People living in Cumbria and southern Scotland warned to expect more flooding in future

After one of the wettest summers ever record, and a warning there could be more flooding this winter, people living in Cumbria and southern Scotland are being warned to expect more similar weather in future.

Figures show more than 700 properties in Cumbria were flooded during an eight week period this summer. The Environment Agency say 1 in 11 homes in the county are at risk from flooding. In parts of southern Scotland, three times the normal amount of rain fell. 1 in 22 properties are at risk.

The findings come on the third anniversary of the floods that hit west Cumbria and southern Scotland in 2009, flooding more than 1000 homes.

Flash flood hotspots

The Environment Agency are warning that thousands of people in the North West are at risk from flash flooding, and is urging communities to prepare in advance.

Flash flooding is caused by intense rainfall. It occurs suddenly with little or no warning – often before the emergency services have time to arrive. It tends to happen when heavy rainfall runs off land and quickly swells rivers and streams, or where drainage systems are overwhelmed by rainfall.

To try and help people understand the risks, the Environment Agency has undertaken detailed studies to identify the communities most at risk from this type of flooding.

They will contact local householders and business owners to explain the risks, and how to prepare themselves to stay safe.

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