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Firefighters and highways team clear flood water

Flood water that surrounded shops and cut off access to a business park has been cleared by firefighters and highways workers.

Heavy overnight rain and a blocked culvert under the road caused flooding just off the A69 in Warwick Bridge this morning that put nearby shops at risk of flood damage and prevented vehicles getting to and from Warwick Mill Business Park.

Firefighters pumped water and worked with Cumbria County Council's highways team to remove vegetation blocking the culvert.

Once the blockage was removed water levels began to subside.

Businesses at risk of flood damage as beck bursts its banks

Flooding off the A69 at Warwick Bridge Credit: ITV Border

Heavy overnight rain has led to a beck bursting its banks and put nearby shops and businesses at risk of flood damage.

Firefighters are currently on the scene pumping out water just off the A69 at Warwick Bridge near Carlisle.

Firefighters at the scene pumping out water Credit: ITV Border

The businesses, including a cafe, are closed as they've been cut off and surrounded by the flood.

Businesses at Warwick Bridge cut off by water Credit: ITV Border


Flood warning for the Whitesands

Flooding at Whitesands in December Credit: ITV Border

A flood warning has been issued for the Whitesands in Dumfries for this afternoon, according to Police Scotland.

Elevated water levels within the Lower Nith are likely to result in tidal flooding on the Whitesands. High tide is expected at approximately 2.45pm but flooding may occur before and after this.

The flooding could reach across the road into the Brewery Street entrance, and parking on the Whitesands will be affected. The public are asked to avoid the area if possible.

The warning comes on the day when a petition against flooding prevention plans has been handed into the Public Petitions Committee in Dumfries.

Dumfries flood petition to be discussed

A public petition against new flood prevention plans in Dumfries will be heard during a "parliament day'" in the town.

A local resident is presenting his arguments against the multi-million scheme on the Whitesands.

The public petitions committee will consider two other petitions when it meets at Easterbrook Hall.

The committee can decide if the petition will be considered by the Scottish Parliament.


Other floods are 'higher priority'

The park is a 'less of a risk' than other areas Credit: ITV Border

Other flooded areas have a "higher priority" than the flooded park in Kendal, according to Cumbria County Council.

The council has responded to residents' concerns about the park in Rinkfield by saying that the area is less of a risk than other areas.

The council, which is leading a flood group that is carrying out investigations into the park, is unsure of the source of the water.

"We're not quite sure about where the water is coming from but we are trying to do investigations with what we call the Making Space for Water Group and we've got a series of flooding hotspots to look at.

"We're fortunate as the next six years we are getting funding towards resolving these but there's 262 of them, some have got a higher priority where people are actually being flooded internally on a more regular basis.

"At Rinkfield there is a bund that's holding water away from the properties so there is less of a risk"

– Doug Coyle, Cumbria County Council

Park in Kendal flooded with frozen water

Residents are calling for authorities to prevent their park from flooding Credit: ITV Border

Residents of Rinkfield housing estate in Kendal are calling on the authorities to prevent their park from flooding when it rains.

The problem has become a more serious safety concern as the pool of water is now frozen.

The council says that despite investigation, it can't find the source of the problem

The pool of water has frozen Credit: ITV Border
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