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Eden Flood Volunteers pledge to continue support

The group say it's only a matter of time before Cumbria floods again. Credit: ITV Border

Eden Flood Volunteers have pledged to continue supporting families affected by flooding, six months after the group was formed in the wake of Storm Desmond.

Kerryanne Wilde set up the group. She says because of the threat of future floods, they will always be needed.

We're here for good. We're not going away. It's not if we flood again, it's when we flood again, but this time we will already be prepared. We will know what needs to happen.

– Kerryanne Wilde, Eden Flood Volunteers


Dozens of uninsured homeowners still living in uninhabitable properties

Flooded Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

It's claimed that dozens of uninsured homeowners are living in uninhabitable properties, nearly six months after December's floods.

Carlisle Ambassadors, which is a volunteer group, is running a project asking people to give up some of their free time to help the recovery.

We're just saying, whatever is in your hand, whatever you're good at, whatever you're passionate about, whatever your business is, whatever your trade is, would you give it away for one day.

– Andy Fearon, Carlisle Ambassadors

The Give A Day to the City project runs from 6th - 12th June. 13 different projects are running, including House to Home, which is helping several different flood affected homes and another is clearing the Sheepmount football pitches. Roger Smith, the Managing Director of Thomas Graham is in charge of that project

Lot's of people want to get involved and want to help people. If we don't clear the Sheepmount area people can't play football next year. Quite a few colleagues are getting involved and we're still looking for volunteers.

– Roger Smith

You can find out more about the Give A Day To The City projects by clicking here

Flood-hit homes up for auction between 45% and 55% of pre-flood value

Warwick Road during December's floods Credit: ITV Border

An auction is underway this lunchtime of properties hit by December's flooding.

12 homes in the Warwick Road area of Carlisle are up for sale at around 45% to 55% of their pre-flood value.

Auction House Cumbria says vendors are selling up for a variety of reasons.

Some are insured and are stripped out and dried, and they have negotiated a cash settlement from the insurance company.

Some are not insured, and the people want to move on and get the security of the sale and certainty of the contract.

– Colin West, Auctioneer

Watch Hannah McNulty's report on the auction below:


Kendal bounces back from floods with food festival spectacle

Kendal Food Festival 2016 got underway today, with stalls and bunting laid out under a slightly grey Lake District sky.

The festival plays host to hundreds of artisan food producers, chefs, and food lovers who come to celebrate the best food the North has to offer.

Credit: ITV Border

Attendees can see demonstrations from on coffee roasting, breadmaking and urban foraging, amongst other things.

Credit: ITV Border

Organisers have said of the festival that it celebrates "the spectacular strength, resilience and community spirit that our Northern Counties have shown over the last few months" as parts of the Lake District, including Kendal, recover from December's devastating floods.

Kendal Festival of Food begins

Kendal's Festival of Food gets underway today as the town aims to bounce back from the effect of flooding in December last year.

Festival organisers say they want to top last year when 23,000 people visited generating £1.6m for the local economy.

This year there will be 80 stalls showcasing the best of Cumbrian food and produce.

Guest chefs Nick Nairns, who was the youngest Scottish chef to win a a Michelin star, and celebrity Northern Irish chef Paul Rankin will be demonstrating their skills and passing on cooking tips and recipes..

Tomorrow marks the 100th day since the floods that devastated parts of Cumbria including Kendal.

The Kendal Festival of Food is on today and tomorrow.

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