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South of Scotland: Weekend fixtures

South of Scotland football Credit: ITV Border

South of Scotland league

  • Nithsdale Wanderers v Mid Annandale
  • St Cuthbert Wanderers v Newton Stewart

Potts Cup 1st round

  • Abbey Vale v Dumfries YMCA
  • Creetown v Fleet Star
  • Wigtown & Bladnoch v Crichton

South Challenge Cup 2nd round

  • Lochar Thistle v Stranraer FC
  • Upper Annandale v Queen of the South FC

Tweedie Cup 2nd round

  • Heston Rovers v Edusport Academy


Football: south of Scotland league results

South of Scotland results. Credit: PA

The weekend's south of Scotland football league results are as follows:

  • Abbey Vale 4 v 1 Dumfries Ymca
  • Upper Annandale P v P Mid Annandale (pitch unplayable)
  • Wigtown & Bladnoch P v P Edusport Academy (pitch unplayable)
  • St Cuthbert Wanderers 8 v 1 Creetown (change of venue to Kirkcudbright)
  • Heston Rovers 3 v 2 Lochar Thistle (Cree Lodge Cup 2nd Round fixture, change of venue to Dumfries)
  • Fleet Star P v P Nithsdale Wanderers (Challenge Cup 2nd Round fixture postponed)


South of Scotland League results

Saturday's South of Scotland League and South Challenge Cup First Round results:

Creetown P v P Fleet Star Castle Cary Park Creetown (Waterlogged pitch)

Dumfries Ymca P vP Heston Rovers McLeod Pavilion Dumfries (Waterlogged pitch)

Lochar Thistle P v P Upper Annandale Maxwelltown High School Dumfries (Waterlogged pitch)

Newton Stewart 3 v 2 Nithsdale Wanderers Blairmount Park Newton Stewart

St Cuthbert Wanderers 4 v 1 Abbey Vale St Marys Park Kirkcudbright

South Challenge Cup 1st Round

Crichton P v P Mid Annandale Hospital Park Dumfries (Waterlogged pitch)

Wigtown & Bladnoch 0 v 9 Queen Of The South Trammonford Park Wigtown (Played at Palmerston Park Dumfries)

South of Scotland League results

Saturday's South of Scotland League and Cree Lodge Cup second round results:

Mid Annandale 3 v 4 Newton Stewart

Upper Annandale P v P Dumfries Ymca (Waterlogged Pitch)

Abbey Vale 2 v 0 Wigtown & Bladnoch (Played at Dumfries High School)


Creetown P v P St Cuthbert Wanderers (Waterlogged Pitch)

Edusport Academy 1 v 2 Crichton

Lochar Thistle P v P Heston Rovers (Waterlogged Pitch)

Nithsdale Wanderers P v P Fleet Star (Waterlogged Pitch)

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