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Death abroad case could be re-opened

On the sixth anniversary of a Dumfries woman's death in Crete, lawyers have indicated the case might be re-opened.

Jean Hanlon died on the 9th of March 2009.

Her family always thought there were mysterious circumstances surrounding her death and they've welcomed the decision by Greek authorities to potentially look again at her case.

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"What do we want.....Answers"

Two grieving families from the south of Scotland are still looking for answers about their loved ones, who died abroad.

They met up with with other bereaved families in London, to protest outside the embassies of the countries where their relatives died. They're also calling on the foreign office to do more to help.

David Wood reports.

Mum continues fight to get answers from foreign office

Julie Sheppard's son Andrew Watt, who was from Durham, was found dead in a lane in France in 2010. His parents argue that there was a lack of support from the British foreign office to find out the details of their son's death.

Andrew's family joined 31 other families, who claim they are not being listened to or being given the support needed when their loved ones died abroad.

Grieving families protest outside Foreign Office

Julie Sheppard joined 31 other families in protest Credit: ITV News Border

A grieving mum, who's son died in France is still seeking answers four years after his death.

Julie Sheppard along with other bereaved families have been protesting outside the Foreign Office for the third time this year.

She claims the Government failed to help them at their time of need.

Demonstrators demand more from Foreign Office

This is the latest in a series of protests Credit: ITV Border

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office should do more to help when British people die abroad, according to a mother from the Scottish Borders.

Julie Sheppard's son Andrew Watt died in France in 2010.

She's joining a protest in London, where families who believe information has been kept from them will tour a variety of foreign embassies in the capital.


Families demand more help from Foreign Office

A family from the Scottish Borders are part of a protest in London demanding more help from the foreign office when British people die abroad.

Julie Sheppard's son Andrew Watt was found dead in a country lane in France, close to where he was living in 2010.

French investigators said he died from heart failure but Julie and her husband Les, who live near Selkirk, say information about his death has been kept from them.

They are hoping to convince British officials to help them find the answers they need.

Family of mysterious death abroad to protest today

Andrew Watt died in France in 2010 Credit: ITV Border

The family of a man who died in France will protest outside the Foreign Office later in a bid to find out more details surrounding his death.

Andrew Watt's parents live in Selkirk. He was 31 when he was found dead in 2010. His body was returned to the UK with some of his major organs missing and Andrew's parents say they still don't know how he died.

Family demand fresh answers for son's mystery death

Julie and Les Sheppard are campaigning for more support for British abroad Credit: ITV News Border

Julie and Les Sheppard are travelling from Selkirk to London to demand answers for their son's death.

Andrew Watt died in France four years ago. His parents argue that there was a lack of support from the British foreign office to find out the details of their son's death.

When the son's body returned to the UK it was discovered his heart and brain had been removed.

Last October the pair joined other families whose relatives had died abroad and protested about the lack of support available in that situation.

Julie and Les Sheppard will join other angry families at London's foreign Office on Tuesday at 11am in a bid to get their voices heard.