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Everyone asked to consider providing foster care

More than 600 children in Cumbria are currently in care and badly need a safe home. But at the moment there are just 200 households that are involved in fostering.

Nearly a third of people wrongly think they wouldn't be considered suitable.

Cumbria County Council is asking everyone to think about whether they could look after a child and this year it's emphasising the need for employers to support staff who want to take on the role.

Tim Backshall reports:


Potential foster carers fear rejection

People have been urged not to rule themselves out of fostering children after a poll found nearly a third of adults believed they would not be accepted as foster carers if they applied.

Some 28% of 4,818 UK adults questioned by YouGov said they would expect to be turned down if they applied in the next two years.

Many under 25 and over 55 believed their age would count them out, while others cited their living arrangement as the reason they feared they would be turned down.

There are 52,500 foster families looking after 63,000 children across the UK Credit: PA

Fostering Network chief executive Robert Tapsfield said: "It doesn't matter if you are single or living as a couple, how old you are, or whether you have children, a job or own your own house.

"What matters is that you have the skills and experience to look after children separated from their own families, who have often been abused or neglected."

The Fostering Network estimates 8,600 families are needed this year alone, particularly to look after teenagers and children with disabilities.

More than 600 children in Cumbria need a foster home

Foster Care Fortnight begins today and Cumbria County Council is backing the campaign.

They're asking everyone in the county to consider whether they have what it takes to become foster parents.

More than 600 children in Cumbria are currently in need of foster care but, there are only 200 fostering households.

The council hope they will be able to spend the next two weeks dispelling any myths about fostering.