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Full Report: Flodden at the Fringe

The 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden is just weeks away and dozens of events and activities are taking place mark it.

As part of the build up, a theatre group from the Scottish Borders is staging a play at the Edinburgh Fringe.

They say they want to raise the profile of the battle - which changed the course of Scottish history.

Watch the full report below.


Full Report: Lockerbie bombing remembered at Edinburgh Festival

This December will be the 25th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in the UK, the Lockerbie bombing.

To mark this, a new play has been written that's being premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe this month.

'Lockerbie: Lost Voices' challenges audiences to keep asking questions about what really happened.

Kathryn Samson went along to rehearsals - watch her full report below.

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Full Report: Edinburgh Fringe Festival gets underway

The festival season is in full swing and actors, comedians and musicians from our region are also heading for Edinburgh - the biggest arts festival in the world.

The Edinburgh Fringe features around 3,000 shows this year.

In the first of a series of reports, Kathryn Samson has been catching up with the team from Northern Stage from Newcastle.

They are taking on the challenge of creating an epic Border Ballad - a folk tradition shared by Northumbria and the South of Scotland.

You can watch Kathryn's first report below.