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Funeral for Galashiels man killed in Spain balcony fall

Malky Weir pictured with wife Lizzy Credit: GoFundMe

The funeral of a Galashiels man who died falling from a balcony at a Spanish hotel takes place today.

Malky Weir had been celebrating his 50th birthday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, on Thursday, September 10 when the tragedy happened.

It is understood the painter and decorator lost his footing as he tried to get into the hotel room after being locked out.

After his wife Liz revealed they might not be covered by their insurance policy, the community of his home town of Galashiels, rallied round and raised £6,000 to fly home his body.

The burial will take place at Heatheryett Cemetery in Galashiels at 10.45a.m.


Galashiels couple "thankful" to return from Indian rail crash

Ian and Helen Calder Credit: Helen Calder

A Galashiels couple on board an Indian train that derailed say they are thankful to be back home after the ordeal.

Ian and Helen Calder were on the trip of a lifetime when the train they were travelling on came off the tracks.

Two British women died and others were injured.

There was 15 of us in that carriage, most of them were catapulted out their seats, were flying in all directions. Some left the train out the windows.

One gentleman that was travelling next to us, he went up in the air and Ian managed to catch him as he was going out the window and I grabbed hold of him as well, and we managed to pull him back onto our knee.

He certainly saved us I think because the weight of him on top of us held us but he sustained quite serious head injuries. We are very thankful, very lucky to be home."

– Helen Calder

Galashiels couple survive Indian rail crash

The Galashiels couple survived Indian rail crash Credit: PA

A couple from Galashiels are on their way back to the Borders after surviving a train crash during a dream holiday to India.

Helen and Ian Calder, who own the Salmon Inn public house in Galashiels, escaped serious injury after managing to clamber free from the wreckage.

Two other British holidaymakers died when the train came off the tracks on Saturday as it travelled from Kalka to the Himalayan town of Shimla as part of an organised tour.

There were 36 passengers plus their tour manager on the service, which was being operated by York-based company Great Rail Journeys. They were on their third day of a 3 week trip.

Sixty year old Ian had x-rays of his back and shoulders and both he and Helen are said to be traumatised at what happened. The couple are due back in the UK on Tuesday evening.


Galashiels man dies in balcony fall after birthday celebrations

They were staying at Altair Apartments in the resort of Puerto Rico Credit: ITV Border

A Galashiels man has died after falling from a balcony in Gran Canaria, after celebrating his 50th birthday with his wife.

Malky Weir is believed to have slipped as he climbed up the building after the couple left the key in their hotel room.

The painter died instantly after falling 32-feet onto a hard surface, while his wife, Lizzy, went to fetch a duplicate room key from the reception at the Altair Apartments in the resort of Puerto Rico.

The couple had gone out on Wednesday night to celebrate Malky's birthday on the final day of their fortnight holiday.

Lizzy, 45, flew home on Thursday and posted on social networking site Facebook:

Just made the hardest journey of my life. Lost my best friend."

– Lizzy Weir on Facebook

Spanish police said the death was not being treated as suspicious.

A Foreign Office spokesman said:

We are liaising with the tour operator who are providing support to the family at this difficult time."

– Foreign Office

Ewan Jones, 11, raises money for children's ward

Ewan presents the cheques. Credit: NHS Borders

An 11-year-old boy from Galashiels has raised £354 for the Children's Ward at the Borders General Hospital, and the Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children.

Ewan Jones ran up and down all three of the Eildon peaks in the Scottish Borders.

He was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Iritis, almost three years ago.

Ewan’s story is quite remarkable. He treats life with great determination; he has overcome his illness with great determination and ran over the Eildons with great determination, especially given the torrential rain on the day.

We are really proud of him and delighted that he has raised this money for the Ward.”

– Mandy Headspeath, NHS Borders

Landfill to be binned

Easter Langlee landfill site near Galashiels Credit: ITV Border

Plans to transfer household waste out of the region have been approved by the Scottish Borders Council.

A £5.5million waste transfer station is to be set up at the East Langlee site near Galashiels to replace the landfill due for closure in 2017 once it reaches maximum capacity.

The cost to install a waste transfer facility at Easter Langlee landfill site.

Based on current levels of waste being received, it is forecast that the current landfill site will run out of capacity in the second half of 2017.

...As a result, a review has been undertaken to outline the best way forward, which was detailed in a report presented to a full Council meeting today, and approved by Councillors.

The landfill will subsequently be restored and waste will be transported out of the Borders to alternative treatment facilities in order to comply with the 2021 landfill ban."

– Spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council

It is thought this new development will be the most cost effective and considerably less complicated than the installation of a waste treatment facility.

tonnes of household and commercial waste put in Easter Langlee landfill site each year
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