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Ewan Jones, 11, raises money for children's ward

Ewan presents the cheques. Credit: NHS Borders

An 11-year-old boy from Galashiels has raised £354 for the Children's Ward at the Borders General Hospital, and the Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children.

Ewan Jones ran up and down all three of the Eildon peaks in the Scottish Borders.

He was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Iritis, almost three years ago.

Ewan’s story is quite remarkable. He treats life with great determination; he has overcome his illness with great determination and ran over the Eildons with great determination, especially given the torrential rain on the day.

We are really proud of him and delighted that he has raised this money for the Ward.”

– Mandy Headspeath, NHS Borders


Landfill to be binned

Easter Langlee landfill site near Galashiels Credit: ITV Border

Plans to transfer household waste out of the region have been approved by the Scottish Borders Council.

A £5.5million waste transfer station is to be set up at the East Langlee site near Galashiels to replace the landfill due for closure in 2017 once it reaches maximum capacity.

The cost to install a waste transfer facility at Easter Langlee landfill site.

Based on current levels of waste being received, it is forecast that the current landfill site will run out of capacity in the second half of 2017.

...As a result, a review has been undertaken to outline the best way forward, which was detailed in a report presented to a full Council meeting today, and approved by Councillors.

The landfill will subsequently be restored and waste will be transported out of the Borders to alternative treatment facilities in order to comply with the 2021 landfill ban."

– Spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council

It is thought this new development will be the most cost effective and considerably less complicated than the installation of a waste treatment facility.

tonnes of household and commercial waste put in Easter Langlee landfill site each year

£5.2m Galashiels Transport Interchange opening

A ceremony to mark the completion of the £5.2million Galashiels Transport Interchange will take place today.

The interchange will provide a direct ink from the railway as well as forming the town's new bus station and business hub.

The transport interchange will be open to the public on Monday 10 August.


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