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50 new jobs for Gretna Gateway expansion

The retail village draws more than two million shoppers annually Credit: ITV Border

Fifty new jobs are due to be created with the expansion of Gretna's Gateway retail village.

The announcement comes after one of the most successful summers in the outlet's history.

Glasgow's Commonwealth Games saw Gretna Gateway's busiest ever week at the end of July, as tourists and residents flocked to the park.

The retail village currently welcomes more than two million visitors every year.

Britrocks Festival says No to Independence

A festival promoting the Union between Scotland and the rest of the UK has taken place near the border, in Gretna.

As well as face-painting, music, and contributing to the Cairn, a tower of stones supporting the Union, festival goers joined up to create a No sign using the monument.

The No sign formed at the Britrocks festival Credit: Cumbria Gyrocopters


Festival promotes Union in Gretna

A festival promoting the union between Scotland and the rest of the UK has been held in Gretna.

Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and the Borders organised the Brit Rocks concert.

Musicians from around the world played for No supporters beside a stone monument featuring messages of support for the Union, called the Hands Across the Borders Cairn.

No campaigners watch the concert in Gretna Credit: ITV Border
The audience sat beside the Cairn Credit: ITV Border
A message for Scotland on the Cairn Credit: ITV Border

Foundation stone for "friendship" cairn is laid

A cairn representing the links between England and Scotland was begun today.

The cairn is the idea of Cumbrian MP Rory Stewart who's been campaigning to persuade Scottish people to vote 'No' in the independence referendum on 18 September.

The 'Yes' campaign have welcomed the cairn but say it will stand as 'a symbol of the continued social union and friendship' between Scotland and the rest of the UK should there be a 'yes' vote.


Statue to be built to build campaign support

Penrith and the Border MP Rory Stewart is launching a project to build support for the No Campaign in September's referendum on Scottish independence.

He wants to build a giant cairn of stones from all over the country - including from north of the border - on land near Gretna, which he says will represent the union between Scotland and England.

Calls for regeneration of Gretna Green

Dumfries and Galloway Council will discuss proposals to upgrade the tourist attraction today Credit: ITV News Border

Proposals to regenerate Gretna Green are up for discussion today, as Dumfries and Galloway council are recommended to pass a series of measures to revitalise the area.

It follows concerns that the world renowned tourist site would attract more visitors, if it was made more attractive itself.

A trip to the First House of Scotland

If Scotland votes "Yes" to independence on 18 September, the border with England could look very different in a year's time.

We sent our reporter Fiona McIlwraith to a well-known Gretna landmark, turned cafe, to find out what people think about the possibility of having a cup of tea across an international border.

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