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Rescued dog "lost a third of body weight"

The Scottish SPCA were called by Mr McLachlan, who then alerted Moffat Mountain Rescue team.

SSPCA Inspector Janet Proudlocked watched as Sparky was brought to safety by the abseiling team.

She said:

When Sparky was found he had already lost a third of his body weight so he wouldn't have survived for much longer.

"His owners were very sensible to distribute posters in the area with their contact details as this is ultimately how they were able to find him.

"There is no doubt that he is an incredibly lucky dog and I was delighted to be present at the happy reunion between Sparky and his owner.

– Janet Proudlock, Scottish SPCA Inspector

Dramatic dog rescue at beauty spot

Sparky the dog after being rescued Credit: ScottishSPCA

A dog has been dramatically rescued from a Borders beauty spot, 16 days after going missing.

Sparky was saved by Moffat Mountain Rescue Team, who had to abseil down a gorge at Grey Mare's Tail.

The team were brought in after reports of a dog barking near the 200 feet waterfall.

Mountain Rescue Teams with Sparky Credit: ScottishSPCA

Although the dog was hungry and had lost a lot of weight, he is now recovering at home.

Sparky's owner, Steve McLachlan from Selkirk, had not given up hope of finding his dog.

He had been out walking with his family when Sparky ran off after goats.