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Financial difficulties close Hadrian's Wall Trust

The Hadrian's Wall Trust has officially closed down today, Thursday 31 July Credit: Roger Clegg

The charity that maintains Hadrian's Wall has been officially wound up due to financial difficulties.

The Hadrian's Wall Trust said the "increased pressure" of finding an extra £170,000 of public funding a year meant it was no longer sustainable.

The trust, which employs 10 people will now be maintained by English Heritage and local authorities.

Each mile of the wall costs £2,800 a year to maintain.


FULL REPORT: Comedy walk with serious side

A group of comedians have begun walking Hadrian's Wall to raise money for charity. The group are performing gigs en route to raise cash and awareness of ovarian cancer. One of the comics, Matthew Fong from Doncaster, lost his Mum to the disease two years ago.

Hannah McNulty spoke to them as they set off on their walk from Port Carlisle on the Solway Firth in Cumbria.


Have you heard the one about funny men on Hadrian's Wall?

They began their giggle in Port Carlisle this morning Credit: ITV Border

A group of comedians have begun walking the Hadrian's Wall route to raise money for charity.

Organised by Nick Banks from Hartlepool, the group set off from Port Carlisle on Friday morning.

They're performing free gigs along the way with the audience asked to donate money at the end.

One of the comedians, Matthew Fong, lost his mother to ovarian cancer two years ago, and money is being raised for the charity Ovacome.

Five year plan for Hadrians Wall World Heritage site

The organisation that promotes and protects one of Cumbria's biggest tourist attractions is coming up with a plan for its future.

That's despite the news last week that the Hadrian's Wall Trust is going to close because of money problems

The wall and the remains of the Roman forts along West Cumbria's coast make up the region's only World Heritage Site.

But the trust has vowed to come up with a five year plan, even though it's being wound up in the summer.

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