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MP calls for 100,000 people to join torch-lit protest along Hadrian's Wall to show love for the UK

A Conservative MP has launched a campaign for 100,000 people to form a human chain along Hadrian's Wall, in a torch-lit demonstration of support for the UK.

Beacons were lit along the wall in 2010 to mark British Tourism Week Credit: John Giles/PA

Rory Stewart said he hoped to demonstrate how sorry English, Welsh and Irish people would be if Scottish people voted for independence.

Stewart, whose Penrith and the Border constituency encompasses the Cumbrian side of the English-Scottish border, launched "Hands Across the Border" with a speech at Westminster. Its co-founder, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, is a businesswoman and campaigner from North Northumberland.

The demonstration is due to take place on the evening of Saturday, 19th July.

Public asked to help save Hadrian's Wall

It attracts thousands of visitors a year, it's a World Heritage Site, but it's at risk.

Hadrian's Wall was built by the Romans 1,900 years ago.

Over the years, though, wind, weather and farm animals have taken their toll on the stones, and parts of the wall are badly in need of repair.

Now, the Trust which runs it has come up with a novel way of paying for the work.

Hannah McNulty reports.

Adopt a stone at Hadrian's Wall

Parts of Hadrian's Wall in need of major renovation work Credit: ITV News

Members of the public are being encourage to 'adopt a stone' as part of a new Hadrian's Wall fundraising campaign.

As a result of funding cuts the Hadrian's Wall Trust are calling on anyone who visits the wall to get behind the scheme to help fund essential restoration work.

Anyone who takes part in the scheme will be able to adopt a stone in an online, virtual Hadrian's Wall, getting their name, picture and a message inscribed on it.

There is also the opportunity for people to adopt their very own Roman soldier to help protect their stone.

For more information visit the Adopt a Stone website.

Hadrian's Wall charity launches new fundraising appeal

The Hadrian's Wall Trust have launched a new fundraising appeal to try and raise money for the upkeep of the historic site.

The wall, which spans 73 miles across northern England, has been slowly deteriorating over a number of years.

Budget cuts now mean the charity needs to call on members of the public to help fund vital restoration work across the site.


Wall windfall

At a time when many organisations are having to make cuts and difficult financial decisions, the Hadrian's Wall Trust is celebrating after securing over half a million pounds in government funding.

Much of the money will be spent on improving the marketing of the often overlooked Cumbrian section of the historic visitor attraction. This is John Bevir's full report.

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