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Alliance commemorates 25 years of the world's most famous walls being declared World Heritage Sites

Future collaboration between PPMG and the Hadrian's Wall Trust will include tourism, conference and publishing projects.

Linda Tuttiett, chief executive of the Hadrian's Wall Trust said:

"We're delighted to welcome Chen Haiyan to Hadrian's Wall to see part of the Roman empire's north west frontier and the fabulous natural beauty of the landscape in this part of England.

"We are very pleased to announce we will have the Great Wall photos here in Hadrian's Wall Country in November.

"UNESCO's vision for world heritage sites is to promote understanding, tolerance and co-operation amongst the peoples of the world through respect for their shared heritage."

– Linda Tuttiett, chief executive of the Hadrian's Wall Trust

Doris shocked to receive royal message

Doris Hancock, 95, is walking the length of Hadrian's Wall to raise money for the charity Centrepoint.

The fundraiser, from Ambleside, received a special early birthday message from the charity's patron Prince William, to wish her well as she reached the halfway point.

Marti Errington-Dodds caught Doris as she reached her checkpoint, met with applause and a slice of cake.


Hadrian's Wall walker a big inspiration

A young man who was once homeless has spoken about how valuable the Centrepoint charity has been in his life.

The charity supports young people across the UK who face the problem of homelessness helping them to rebuild their life.

The beneficiary says 95 year old Doris Hancock, who is walking the length of Hadrian's Wall to raise money for the organisation, is an inspiration.

Hadrian's wall walker gets birthday message from Prince

A lady from Ambleside who is walking Hadrian's wall for charity has been given a surprise Royal boost as she passed the halfway mark.

Doris Hancock, 95, is raising money for Centrepoint, a charity which helps young homelss people. Prince William is a patron and he sent Doris a surprise message to both express his gratitute to her and wish her an early Happy Birthday.

Iron men attempt gruelling endurance race

At around 4 am this morning DC Adam Scott and Sgt Ian Wilkinson set off from Bowness in Cumbria headed for Tynemouth on the famous coast to coast route.

They'll tackle the first and last stages on bicycles in between they will take on 53 miles of relentless running- all to be completed before the sun comes up on Sunday. It's all to raise thousands of pounds for the Over the Wall children's charity:

When we heard about Over the Wall and the fantastic work the charity does for seriously ill children in the north east, we wanted to do something a little bit challenging and special to help raise money and awareness for the charity.

The children we're doing this for have to face far greater challenges than this every day of their lives so I'm sure we can put up with a little pain and discomfort to bring them a week of fun and happiness, so we're going to give it our best shot.

– DC Adam Scott, Northumbria Police

Kevin Mathieson, Chief Executive of Over the Wall children's charity added:

The lads are doing a tremendously difficult challenge to enable more seriously ill children in the north east attend a life-changing Over the Wall camp.

I'm sure I speak for all the children and their families who will benefit from their efforts in not only wishing them every success and good luck but also thanking them for thinking of others less fortunate than themselves. It's a wonderfully kind gesture and I hope they complete it safe and well.

– Kevin Mathieson, Over the Wall children's charity
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