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Medieval spindle whorl found at ancient site

Spindle whorl found near Philiphaugh in Selkirk which is believed to date from the medieval period Credit: Southern Uplands Partnership

A spindle whorl, believed to be medieval, has been found at Philihaugh in Selkirk.

Workers from Scottish Water unearthed what could be remains of an ancient medieval village whilst carrying out water works.

Archaeologists are now working to discover how large the site is and how far the remains date back.

Medieval buildings cover a 'sizeable area' say archaeologists

The remains of a medieval village are thought to have been discovered on the outskirts of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders.

Scottish Water was laying a new water main at Philiphaugh when workers made the discovery.

Archaeologists say that a number of stone buildings have been found across a sizeable area, suggesting that there may have been an entire settlement.

"We knew there had been something there, we just didn't know where it was.

"Now we have the village, and it is quite an extensive village.

"We have got a really extensive area of maybe half a kilometre where we have had buildings right along the road running to the salmon viewing centre."

– Chris Bowles, Scottish Borders Council

Scottish Borders Council say that the ancient remains will now be taken away for closer examination.

Carbon dating will be used to try to give a more precise timeframe for when the settlement was inhabited.


Archaeologists hail 'exciting discovery'

Scottish Water was carrying out the works at Philiphaugh on the outskirts of Selkirk whilst laying new pipes between Howden and Yarrowford.

A Scottish Borders Council's archaeologist said:

"It is an exciting discovery. It is not every day that medieval villages are found - most of them are known, this one was completely unknown."

– Chris Bowles, Scottish Borders Council

History lesson brought to life

Naworth Castle Credit: ITV Border

A primary school in Cumbria is bringing their history lesson alive today. Lanercost pupils are hosting a Tudor banquet at Naworth Castle near Brampton to complement the learning they have been doing this term.

Staff and children will be dressed in period costume for the event in the Castle's banqueting Hall. Friends of Lanercost are providing the food.


Borders field could be site of ancient palace

The Ancrum site where archaeologists are excavating Credit: ITV Border

Archaeologists believe they have unearthed the remains of a 900-year-old bishops palace in a field in the Scottish Borders.

A team of experts from Glasgow University and local volunteers are currently excavating the site in the village of Ancrum.

They believe the medieval site dates back to the 12th century and was used by the Bishops of Glasgow.

It could be one of the most signigicant archaelogical finds ever in southern Scotland.

Family History Centre opens in Hawick

Fiona Hyslop at the centre Credit: ITV Border

A new family history centre has been opened by the Scottish Culture secretary in Hawick.

New service allows local people to trace their ancestory in the Scottish Borders.The centre is the forst of many to be opened across Scotland.

A mix of old and new at the centre Credit: ITV Border

The records will give people access to more than 80 million Scots stretching back 500 years.It was opened by the Scottish Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop

Mother and daughter Gwen Stein and Joyce Walker have been using the service to trace their family history.They say the service is invaluable. "It is essential, it puts Hawick on the map. I can do all my research here instead of travelling to Edinburgh."

"The specialist staff have a lot of knowledge about local places, and they all have their own speciality."

Gwen Stein and Joyce Walker Credit: ITV Border
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