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Tributes from Holyrood and across Scotland after the sudden death of Charles Kennedy. We'll hear from his colleagues and political opponents who've united in describing him as one of the most gifted politicians of his generation. Also this evening the First Minister's warning of a Scottish backlash if the UK leaves the European Union. And the South of Scotland MSP calling for an overhaul of youth football.


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The SNP's attack on UK spending cuts: the First Minister insists her party has a mandate to demand a better deal for Scotland. And Nicola Sturgeon tells us her priority now is the EU referendum, not another vote on independence. Also tonight - are the government and the teaching unions on a collision course? Ministers say our schools aren't good enough, but union leaders warn against teachers being made political scapegoats.

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After near wipe-out at the General Election is there any way back for the Scottish Liberal Democrats? We speak to their party leader and hear from Michael Moore, who lost his Borders seat: he tells this programme his political career is over. Also this evening - Scottish Government proposals to help ex-offenders back into work.

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A contest not a coronation. Scottish Labour gets set for another leadership election. We speak to a former party leader who argues it's time to skip a generation. Also this evening - poverty cannot be an excuse for failure. The Education Secretary says no child must be left behind, but is the Scottish education system still something to be proud of?

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