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WATCH: 'Second vote' candidates will prove decisive in the battle for second place

It's now just a week until voters head to the polls in the Scottish elections. And as well as picking a local MSP, everyone gets a second vote to choose a list candidate. The system is meant to bring an element of proportional representation to Holyrood.

The South of Scotland electoral region extends beyond Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders, covering parts of Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire and East Lothian. Our political reporter Joe Pike has more:

There are a total of nine parties fielding candidates in the South of Scotland region:


WATCH: Can the Tories keep a hold of Galloway and West Dumfries?

The next in our series of constituency reports on the election race in the South of Scotland looks at Galloway and West Dumfries.

Five years ago the Conservatives' Alex Fergusson, who stepped down from Holyrood this year, narrowly held off the SNP.

It looks set to be another close contest this time round.

Our political reporter Kathryn Samson has more:


WATCH: Our highlights of the Holyrood campaign trail

The pollsters and even the Scottish Tory leader may have already decided the SNP will win the election, but the contest for the most eye-catching photo opportunity of the campaign is still wide open.

With daily news conferences and nightly election rallies a thing of the past, party spin doctors strive to come up with one image that will lead the evening news or make the next day's front pages.

Here's our take of the best of the campaign so far:

Dumfriesshire: SNP & Tories claim they can steal seat from Labour in May's election

Three weeks tonight, the first votes in the Holyrood elections will be counted.

This evening we're continuing our look at the South of Scotland constituencies, with the hotly-contested Dumfriesshire seat.

It's currently held by Labour, but both the SNP and Conservatives claim they can win on May the fifth.

Our political reporter Joe Pike has more:

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