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A contest not a coronation. Scottish Labour gets set for another leadership election. We speak to a former party leader who argues it's time to skip a generation. Also this evening - poverty cannot be an excuse for failure. The Education Secretary says no child must be left behind, but is the Scottish education system still something to be proud of?


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It's all over bar the voting. The electioneering is at an end and now it's time to choose. This evening we'll report on the final day of campaigning, we'll bring you the highlights of First Minister's Questions and we'll look back on the high and lows of the last six weeks on the Scottish election trail.

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Could the SNP really be set for a clean sweep next week? A new opinion poll suggests the Nationalists might win every seat in Scotland. We've reaction from the campaign trail. And in the latest of our party leader interviews Peter MacMahon speak to Nicola Sturgeon. She insists the General Election is not about independence.


Representing Border: Tuesday 28th April 2015.

Tonight on Representing Border - the polls say his party's facing near wipe-out north of the border, but with barely a week of campaigning left Jim Murphy insists he can still turn things round. In the latest of our Scottish leader interviews Mr Murphy tells us Labour will do no deals with the SNP after the election. Also tonight - is half a century of Border liberal dominance set to end? We report on the battle for the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency.

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