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The SNP confirm that Scottish higher earners will pay more than taxpayers south of the border. And Labour's call to scrap the council tax, but the change would need a housing revaluation. Also this evening - how damaged are Scotland's Tories by the party's civil war at Westminster? And a parallel political universe - had Scotland voted yes, how we'd be reporting on the preparations for Independence Day.


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Tax cuts and taunts - what the budget means for Scotland. The Chancellor steps in to help the struggling North Sea oil and gas industry but goads the SNP over the finances of independence. We'll hear from the Scottish Secretary and the Deputy First Minister. Also this evening - MSPs work overtime to approve the Scotland Bill and pass land reform legislation. And Alex Salmond's farewell to Holyrood. Why the former First Minister hopes it's just au revoir.

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Tonight: the highlights of the SNP spring conference in Glasgow. After the Nationalist leader promises another push for independence, how does Nicola Sturgeon plan to turn her dream into reality? We speak to the First Minister about the timing of a second independence referendum and her tax plans. Also on the programme - we'll hear from South of Scotland activists about the upcoming campaign. And a small flicker of dissent - the party members who want the SNP to come out for a complete ban on fracking

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