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Hostel for former servicemen opens in Egremont

The hostel has now opened. Credit: ITV Border
The hostel has now opened. Credit: ITV Border

A hostel for former military personnel has opened in Egremont.

The 11-bed hostel is at the site of the former police station on Main Street.

After local opposition to the plans Copeland Council said all prospective residents would be vetted, and the hostel has now opened.


Homeless hostel opens in former Egremont Police station

A new homeless hostel in Egremont will open today Credit: PA

A controversial homeless hostel in west Cumbria officially opens today. The former police station in Egremont has been converted into an eleven-bed house with priority given to former military personnel.

While there's support in the town for the development concerns have been raised about security and suitability of the location.

Border Life: 'Hidden' homelessness

Homelessness isn't a problem you'd usually associate with rural areas.

But one charity says its a 'hidden' issue because people generally aren't sleeping on the streets. It's also something that's growing among the older generation. Hannah McNulty has been talking to people who never expected to find themselves in need of a home.


Homeless hostel in Egremont gets go ahead

The hostel will be in the former police station on Main Street. Credit: ITV Border

The old police station in Egremont will be replaced by a hostel for former military personnel who are homeless.

It'll be converted to an 11-bed home, after planners at Copeland Borough Council gave the plans the thumbs up at a meeting on 21 January.

All prospective tenants will be vetted, before being given a place at the hostel.

Watch: 'Nightstop' arrives in Cumbria

The council has urged Cumbrians to support a new emergency service for homeless 16-25 year olds.

The scheme, which has been successful in other parts of the country, asks approved volunteers to open up their spare rooms to homeless young people.

Watch Tim Backshall's report below:

For more information, you can visit the Cumbrian Nightstop website here, or the national Depaul UK website here.

Council asks Cumbrians to support new 'Nightstop' service

The council has asked people in Cumbria to support a new service to provide emergency accommodation for homeless 16 to 25 year olds.

The service, called Nightstop, will see host volunteers in Cumbria offer free spare rooms in their homes to those in need for one night.

The vicar of Alston Moor, Reverend Mark Nash-Williams, has already signed up to help after previously supporting the scheme in the North East.

For more information, you can visit the Cumbrian Nightstop website here, or the national Depaul UK website here

Fresh start for homeless in Selkirk

A charity that makes up starter boxes for people in the Borders who were once homeless has now given out a thousand packs.

Selkirk based charity Fresh Start gives out household goods to people that have moved into a home after previously living on the streets.

For many, the boxes give them a foot-up as they strive to live an independent life.

Jenny Longden reports.

If you want to find out more about the charity you can visit the Fresh Start website.

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