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If it says Scotch, it is Scotch

Scottish farmers say they are adamant that failures within the food chain will not derail time and effort spent into building Scotland's reputation for red meat.

It comes as more beef products are tested for horse DNA.

The National Farmers Union for Scotland (NFUS) say consumers can keep faith in the integrity of Scottish produce, and are encouraging consumers to continue supporting Scottish farmers by buying their meat, from the butchers or the supermarket.

“Whether you are looking at Scotch or you are looking at the red tractor symbol, these are extremely important for the consumer to look for those symbols, to give an assurance of traceability and quality.

"By buying these products, consumers are supporting the entire UK farming community, and the industry. You are buying into the entire culture of the country, and the environment and the welfare that is attached to that."

– Rob Livesey, Vice-President, NFUS

Increase in younger customers using local butchers

Andrew Nichol who works at a buchers shop in Selkirk has noticed an increase in customers, and in particular, many new younger customers:

"We have a number of new customers that have come in, obviously they have been using the supermarket meat, they have now tried us and found that we do lots of other things that they like as well.

"At the end of the day, you are not going to get any horse meat in our products, it is all pure Scotch meat and we will beat the supermarket's in quality hands down."

– Andrew Nichol, Apprentice, Halliwells Butchers in Selkirk


Butchers profit from horse meat scandal

A sign outside a Selkirk butcher Credit: ITV Border

Butchers say the have seen a marked increase in customers since horse meat was discovered in supermarket beef products.

One butchers in the Borders say takings have gone up by at least 20%.

Some are taking advantage of the scandal, with signs going up outside shops, one reading "stop horsing around, use your local butcher".

Butchers say they provide the best quality of beef Credit: ITV Border