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Scottish Independence 'could dishonour dead'

Former Scottish Secretary, Lord Lang of Monkton, has said independence could dishonour to those who died fighting wars on behalf of Britain.

The former Conservative MP for Dumfries and Galloway made the comments during a debate in the House of Lords, in which he talked about England and Scotland's "shared heritage".

The SNP had called on him to withdraw the controversial remarks from his speech.


Lords criticises UK and Scottish Governments

The Lords Economic Affairs Committee has criticised the UK and Scottish Governments for failing to be open with Scottish voters about the economic impact of a ‘Yes’ vote to Scottish independence in the 2014 referendum.

“We took evidence from both Governments, other key politicians, a wide range of businessmen, and business organisations, academics and other economic experts. Our Report is based on their evidence.

"Nearly all of them shared our concerns."

"We hope that our report provides a road map for all the key issues – single market, division of assets and liabilities, North Sea oil, currency, taxation and debt, international issues including membership of the EU and defence."

– Lord MacGregor, Chairman, House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee

Lords ask questions on Scottish independence

The Saltire Credit: ITV Border

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will question Lord West of Spithead on as part of their inquiry into the impact on the UK economy of Scottish independence.

They will question him about whether an independent Scotland end the UK's nuclear deterrent

Lord West was Chief of Naval Staff and First Sea Lord from 2002-2006. He was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Security and Counter-Terrorism) at the Home Office 2007-10.

The Committee will question Lord West on issues including:

  • The feasibility of moving the UK's nuclear deterrent facilities from the Clyde to elsewhere in the UK and how much this might cost;

  • Whether he agrees with the Ministry of Defence's position not to plan for Scottish independence.

  • How many jobs in Scotland depend both directly and indirectly on the Trident nuclear programme.

  • If there would be any impact on the shipbuilding industry in Scotland as a result of independence