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WATCH: Keswick house prices unaffordable

A survey has revealed that Keswick is the most expensive market town in Cumbria and the fifth most expensive in England, when compared to the price of houses around it.

It's leading to fears that the people who live and work there are being priced out of the area.

Hannah McNulty has been looking at how one group is trying to change that.

Keswick houses amongst the most expensive

Housing prices in Keswick Credit: PA Wire

New figures show Keswick has the fifth highest house prices, in relation to other towns in its county, in England.

A study by Lloyds Bank found the average price in Keswick was nearly £300,000, 77% percent more than the overall average in Cumbria.

the average house price in Keswick.


Workington sees biggest rise in house prices

Workington has seen been named as one of ten coastal town with the biggest rise house prices of the last decade.

A recent survey, carried out by Halifax, found that house prices in seaside towns have risen by around £500 a month over the last ten years.

On average, property prices in seaside towns have grown by 42 per cent but in Workington that figure went up to 91 per cent.

Scottish solicitors hail rise in numbers of houses being sold

The company Dumfries & Galloway Solicitors Property Centre, who are based in South West Scotland, have hailed what they say has been the best rise is houses being sold for years.

"Houses are selling a lot better than they have done for years.

"Prices are slowly creeping up but any increase is great."

– John Hunter, DGSPC

Hint of recovery for house prices

Surveyors are seeing house prices rise at their fastest pace since their 2006 peak as the market revival spreads across the country.

The number of would-be buyers looking to enter the market in July also saw the strongest growth in four years, in further signs that a recovery is "round the corner", the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said.

As buyer numbers strengthened, prices rose across the country for the fourth month in a row, growing at their fastest rate since the market peak of November 2006.

Looking ahead, 35% more surveyors expect prices to continue increasing, while 53% expect sales to rise over the next three months.