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Border Life: 'Hidden' homelessness

Homelessness isn't a problem you'd usually associate with rural areas.

But one charity says its a 'hidden' issue because people generally aren't sleeping on the streets. It's also something that's growing among the older generation. Hannah McNulty has been talking to people who never expected to find themselves in need of a home.

Scottish landlords 'could be forced to increase rent'

The Scottish Association of Landlords has criticised the change. Credit: PA

Scottish landlords could be pushed to raise their rents because of measures announced in today's budget, according to the Scottish Association of Landlords.

The group is worried about the ending of tax deductions for buy-to-let mortgages:

This is a shocking decision by the Chancellor of the Exchequer which unfairly discriminates against landlords who provide valuable housing across Scotland. In other businesses, tax is applied on profit, which is as it should be.

Although we welcome other measures in the Budget such as reforms to the Rent A Room scheme which will increase supply of affordable rented accommodation, the decision on buy-to-let mortgages means landlords will essentially be taxed for investing in their businesses, something utterly unthinkable in any other sector.

As a result of this increase cost and risk to landlords, you may see some within the sector feeling they are forced to increase their rent levels which would obviously have a huge negative impact on tenants. The Scottish Association of Landlords have been working constructively with both Shelter and the Scottish Government to find ways of increasing supply to drive down rent levels in hot-spots across Scotland but this decision by the Chancellor potentially takes the legs away from that valuable partnership working.

We will be consulting our members, Scottish MPs and MSPs, as well as the Scottish Government and the third sector to find ways of trying to overturn this decision or, at the very least, to mitigate the damage this could cause to our business and to our customers in Scotland.”

– John Blackwood, Chief Executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords


Hundreds of affordable homes for the Borders

The Scottish Housing Minister has announced plans for 200 affordable homes in the Scottish Borders.

Margaret Burgess made the announcement during a trip to a housing development in Innerleithen. The James Hogg Court development will be used as a pilot for the new housing scheme.

Jenny Longden reports

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